Monday, November 24, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 35: Meditation Yoga

Day 35: Meditation Yoga

It wasn't really Day 35, but who cares a this point. I did four "workouts" on Sunday. Sunday seems to be my day to just bang out as many as I can handle. I did DBK6 which I'm definitely feeling this morning as I sit here writing about Yoga. The center of my upper back is just on fire! I felt it in the middle of the night when I got up to visit the bathroom. It was intense then and I think it's going to get worse for a day or so before it gets better. Wowzers! After that, I did some foam rolling with Release Upper Body. Then I did some stretching with DB15 Yoga and finally, I relaxed with some Meditation Yoga. It was a nice, well rounded day.

If you decide to do this one and can't find the "workout" on the Roku App, look under the Beautiful Belly section. I'm not sure why it's there, but it is. I wasn't really sure what Meditation Yoga would be like, but I wasn't expecting what I ended up with. 

We were supposed to find a comfortable seat on the floor. She sat on a nice fluffy pillow. I just sat on my yoga mat. I wish I had found a pillow. Anyway, we sat there with our eyes closed and just relaxed while listening to her talk in a nice calming voice about relaxing. It was quite weird. After about 8 minutes, we laid down and listened to her talk in a nice calming voice. At some point, we sat up again. That was it. there were no poses or anything. We just sat there. While it was nice to just do pretty much nothing for 10 minutes, it was a bit weird since I was expecting actual Yoga. Oh well. It did make me realize how nice it was to just do nothing and relax while trying to free my mind. I might have to find some nice soothing music and try this on my own without her talking to me.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I'm including this for a couple reasons. The main reason.....without a picture on the page, I can't post the page on Pinterest. I'm also posting it to say that Daily Burn thinks I burned 91 calories sitting on my butt doing nothing but deep breathing. When I sit down and do nothing, the BodyMedia thinks I burn about 1.6 calories per minute which seems normal. How on earth does Daily Burn come up with these calorie counts! Maybe they use someone who has some crazy high metabolism because they have some crazy high muscle mass. That's just not me though. 

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