Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 33: Recover Release Upper Body

Day 33: Recover Release Upper Body

This was a foam rolling workout. I LOVE foam rolling. It's really helping to make me more limber! It makes me feel good and relaxed before bed too. Whenever I do a long rolling session before bed, I sleep amazingly well. 

To do this workout, you need a foam roller that is long enough to have your butt and head on it at the same time. I got a 36" one yesterday. I'm glad I waited to do this workout! You also need a tennis ball. 

We started off by sitting on the foam roller and then laying down on it. I didn't think this was going to be difficult, but it was a bit uncomfortable laying on that thing. Then we're on this round thing and only my feet are touching the ground. It was challenging staying on there. 

We did a few different things on the roller. One of them was putting our arms straight up and then bringing them down so then were by our head. Then we brought our hands down by our side in a snow angle type motion. We did these circles for a bit. It felt really good. We raised our hands up to the ceiling as high as we could while staying on the roller. Then we lowered our shoulders back down. It felt really good. We also raised our hands up straight to the ceiling and then brought our elbows to the floor. 

Then we put the roller horizontally and laid down on it so it hit just below the shoulder blades. We rolled up and down a bit. We went through it pretty quickly though so I didn't get to spend much time on any trigger points. She did talk about pausing the video and staying on the trigger points longer.

Then we did our Lats. I loved this one the first time I did it and I've done it several times on my own since, but it wasn't working for me. My skin was just sore. I'm not really sure why, but I just couldn't do anything that didn't hurt and not in a trigger point kind of hurt. It just hurt. We did each side.

Then we moved onto our arms. I couldn't seem to do this one either. My skin just hurt! My left arm was a problem with my BodyMedia device on it. I'm going to work on this one and hopefully it will go better. We were supposed to get our biceps and our triceps, but I mainly got my triceps.

Then we rolled our chest. It was a bit weird. We did this one with a tennis ball. She said that women are supposed to stay above the breast tissue, but men should roll the whole thing. It felt really good. I could have done this one for a long long time! 

Then we did our back. She suggested putting a tennis ball in a sock so you don't have to chase it around the room. I didn't use the sock and I didn't have to chase it around the room. We put the ball near our shoulder blade. Then we moved around. This felt amazing! I could have stayed against that wall all bloody day long! I can't wait to do that one again! 

That was it! Of the three foam rolling workouts, I think this was my favorite. I'm really looking forward to trying these again while watching TV. She really raced through things, but it was just to get us to know what we were doing. Now that I know what to do, I'm going to do these A LOT!

BodyMedia Screen Shot

This isn't a big calorie burn and I knew that going in. These foam rolling workouts do need some strength though. 

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