Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 32: DBK6 Kettlebells

Day 32: DBK6 

It's been awhile since I've done kettlebells. I've missed them, but I needed a break. The last workout talked about it being a 20 minute workout which really got on my nerves. It's 20 minutes of kettlebells, but there's 30 minutes of other stuff. I'm getting down to my last days of Daily Burn, so I had to go back and finish up kettlebells. I really love working with the kettlebells. I'm just frustrated with this set up. 

This workout followed the same format as the other kettlebell workouts. There was a timer in the lower right that ticked down. There was a bar on the bottom of the screen that filled up as we did each move. Once the bar was filled, we moved on to the next move. We started off with mobility stuff like arm circles, thorax circles, and stuff like that.

The workout consisted of 8 exercises that we four times. The first and third rounds were one side and the third and fourth rounds were the other side. We started off with a starfish side plank. I wasn't able to do the starfish part. I did the side plank, but I didn't get my leg in the air. For the first round on each side, I was able to hold the plank, but for the second round of each side, I fell out of the plank a few times. 

Then we did the clean to squat. We cleaned the bell up and then squatted. We were supposed to do rock bottom squats, but I can't do rock bottom. I'm getting deeper though. Just not deep enough. 

Then we did a one arm deadlift with a kick. I missed the whole kick part of it the first time around. So we did a one arm deadlift which involved stretching one leg back. Instead of setting that food down after your upright again, we were supposed to take the leg that was back forward into a kick. The leg is never supposed to hit the ground. It goes from back to kick and back again. I had to touch my foot down each time. It was really hard!

Then we did the High Pull Windmill. I really like these, but they were pretty hard. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. I can't really describe this one, so just Google it if you want to know what it's like.

Then we moved on to the Inside Clean. I can't really describe this one either since I could barely do it. Google this one too. 

Then we did a squat to a press. So we cleaned it up and squatted it down. As we came up from the squat we pressed the bell up. My shoulders were on fire by the time we were done with these. 

Then we moved on to Renegade Rows. I don't have two kettlebells the same weight, so I just did Dynamic Rows. Renegade Rows are probably a bit over my head anyway. So the Renegade Rows had you in a plank position on the kettlebells. Then you alternated rows. With the Dynamic Rows, we were in a bent over row position and we pulled the bell up and let go and then caught it with the other hand on the down stroke. I liked these for the first round, but by the fourth round, my shoulders were just shot. 

Then we moved on to alternating swings. We swung it up and then let go when the bell was weightless. At least that's what he said. I like these, but they really got my heart rate up! 

We rested for a minute between the rounds. 

Once all of the kettlebelling was done, we did some yoga stuff and we were done.

He talked about the fact that this was a 20 minute workout so anyone can fit it in, but it's not a 20 minute workout. It's a 51 minute workout with 20 minutes of kettlebells. I just wanted to scream when he was talking about that. I'm really enjoying the kettlebells and I'm glad that I learned all of these moves, but I'm done with the DBK series. There's another kettlebell workout in another program on Daily Burn, so I'll make sure I do that one before I finish my trial.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here it is! It still amazes me that I'm sweating as much as I did and only got 6 minutes of total activity! My heart was racing! How can it only be 6 minutes! Crazy Crazy!

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