Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 31: Yoga Shoulder Flow

Day 31: Yoga Shoulder Flow

I've been wanting to do this one for awhile now, but I kept waking up late. I finally got to do the workout! It was amazing and torture all at the same time. I kinda feel that way about Yoga. This one was crazy hard for me! I had to fall out of the poses several times. I sweat like crazy! My body was shaking. It was great! 

It started off with some stretching stuff and then we got into the workout. We did a few of the Vinyasa stuff where we did Down Dog to Plank, then to chataranga (I'll learn to spell it one day), then up dog and back to down dog. We held down dog a lot! My shoulders were on fire. We also did some Warrior stuff. We did Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and Warrior 3. We held Warrior 2 for what felt like an eternity! Warrior 3 started off as an assisted Warrior 3, but then we picked our hands up off the floor. Oh that was hard! I don't remember everything we did and this is another one where I can't fast forward through stuff, so I'm not doing a play by play. 

We did some crazy stuff in this workout! I learned that I'm more flexible than I thought, but not nearly as flexible as I need to be to do this whole workout. Or maybe it's a mobility thing. I'm still not really sure. Anyway, one of the moves was to hold a yoga strap in both hands and then we raised it up over our hand and behind us. We brought it down so the strap hit our butt and then we lifted our arms back up and went forward until the strap was hitting our thighs. I was able to do this one without any effort. I didn't think my shoulders were limber enough for that. 

Later into the workout, I learned that I've got a long way to go. We reached up to the sky and then down behind our backs. The other hand went down and then up behind our backs. If we couldn't reach our hands, we could use a strap. We held the strap in each hand and tried to inch our hands together. My hands were so far from reaching each other! Wowzers, I need to work on this one. 

I don't remember much more about the workout, but I do remember some crazy Eagle position or something like that. This was another balancing act. Madness I say. Madness! Just thinking about that thing hurts my brain. Oh and then at the end, she did a shoulder stand. I just watched that one. No way I can pull that off. 

This might be one of my last Yoga workouts with her. She's getting into some really hard stuff. I might need to get some more beginner Yoga workouts from the library if I can find some. The next one is hip flow. There is also twist flow and an inversion thing. I'm hoping that I can handle most of hip flow and most of twist flow. I'll be trying one of them tomorrow. I'll also be doing the last foam rolling workout. I got a 36" foam roller so I can do the moves where we need a roller to reach our heads and our butts at the same time! I'm wicked excited about that. The roller also came with a booklet on rolling so I'll hopefully learn some new stuff with that too!

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The Daily Burn people think I burned close to 1,000 calories doing this. I'd really like to know where they come up with these totals. 

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