Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 31: True Beginner Core 3

Day 31: True Beginner Core 3

I gave up trying to get to Yoga Shoulder Flow during the week, so I finished off the True Beginner workouts on Friday. It was Core 3. I did core two days in a row. How unlike me. I don't normally like to do the same body part on consecutive days! I'm such a rebel these days! 

This workout was just over 30 minutes. It followed the standard format. It had a timer in the corner ticking down the time left in the workout. There was a bar at the bottom that filled up as we did each move. When the bar was full, we moved onto a new move. 

We started off with some stretching. We did some of the same moves as some previous workouts. We did some single leg things. We planted one leg and then moved the other one forward and pulsed it up. After we did that for a bit we moved to the side and then later to the back. Then we switched sides. Then we did a standing bicycle crunch. We raised one knee towards the opposite elbow as we moved that elbow down to meet it. Just like doing a bicycle, but we were standing up. Then we moved to the workout.

The workout was three rounds of four exercises that we repeated twice. The first batch of exercises started with what he called Handshake/Footshake. We were on all fours. We stretched one hand out straight and then the opposite leg went out. It's called Handshake/Footshake because your foot and your hand bob up and down like you're shaking hands with someone. We switched sides halfway through. Then we did Elbow Plank. I'm just not a fan of elbow plank. I know it's good for me. It just sucks. I got through the whole thing without a break though. Then we did elbow side plank. We did one side on the first round and the second side on the second round. Then we did Supermans. I love Supermans! I was pretty shocked with how far I got my upper body off the ground. I've never gotten this far before! Woot Woot. Then we rested and repeated the round. 

The next round started off with a Russian Twist. We did a twist before, but this time we picked up alternating knees as we did the twist. It made it much more intense. Then we did a seated row This was different than rows I've done in the past. We sat down with knees bent and our feet on the floor. Then we reached our arms out in front of us. We pulled our hands back like we were rowing a boat. We alternated lifting our knees up. Then we did Scissor Kicks.  We laid on our backs with our legs out in front of us. Then we crossed them and then spread them out. We kept doing that for a bit. That was hard stuff! Then we did a traditional Bicycle Crunch on our backs. I kicked butt at bicycles during PiYo, but these kicked my butt. Something must have gotten more work than I thought yesterday. Then we rested and redid the round.

The next round started with Cloud Kickers. We started out in a Bridge position and then raised one leg up. Then we pulsed up and down. This was way harder than it should have been. I'm not really sure why, but it really was. We did each side. Then we did Tiny Hip circles. We went back to our Fire Hydrant position, but we kept our leg in the air and did some circles with our leg. We did both sides. Then we did the round again. 

Then we went into the cool down and stretch. We did a Low Cobra and then Child's Pose. Then we stood up and did some stretching.

I really liked this one because it was pretty hard for me in some spots, but the moves were still easy enough to follow. I like it when exercises challenge me physically, but not mentally. I know in some of the workouts, the instructors talk about challenging our minds, but if I can't figure out what I'm doing, it makes it really difficult to actually do it. I'm now done with these True Beginner workouts. I'm going to finish up the Yoga stuff as far as I can go and the Kettlebell stuff. There is at least one workout in the Yoga stuff that I can't do. It's an inversion one. I don't have the strength to do those yet. I'm also going to try to do all of the 15 minute workouts. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my screen shot. The Daily Burn people think that I burned over 600 calories, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't.

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