Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 30: True Beginner Core 2

Day 30: True Beginner Core 2

Only one more True Beginner workout after today. I was pretty sore in my shoulders, but I had planned on doing Yoga Shoulder Flow today, but I woke up late once again. I thought about doing the last two True Beginner workouts, but they were both Core workouts so I decided to just do one. Well, maybe that's not the real reason. I really didn't want to work out this morning. I wanted to sit on my couch and do nothing, but I got up and did one workout. It was True Beginner Core 2. 

The workout started out much the same as Core 1. There was some deep breathing and some stability stuff like balancing on one foot while bringing the other up in front and then lowering it. We did that to the side and to the back as well. We did each leg. Then we got into the workout.

It was made up of three rounds. Each round had three exercise and we did each exercise twice. There was a timer in the corner to count down the workout and a bar that filled up on the bottom as we did each move. When the bar was full, we moved to another exercise.

The first exercise was Plank Knee Pull Ins. I love the names they come up with. So we did a "plank" using the chair. I again used my window seat. I only did it for the first time with this exercise though. I can't really get in the right position with the window seat since we have blinds in the window. For the second round, I did these on the floor. So we're planking with our hands on the chair and our feet on the floor. Doing it at the angle is supposed to make it easier because of how it redistributes the weight. Then we basically did mountain climbers. We alternated bringing our knees to our chest. I really petered out towards the end on the second round. I'm not good with these and I made it harder by doing it on the floor instead of the window seat. Then we did a side plank with our elbow on the chair. This was awkward on my window seat. We did each one for 20 seconds. Then we switched sides. I did this on the floor the second time. It was pretty rough. I'm not a good side planker! Then we did a forearm plank. I did he first one on the window seat which was awkward. I used the floor for the second one. It wasn't too bad. I'm getting better with elbow planks! Then we rested and did it all again.

The next round started with Inch Backs. We did this move in Core 1, but they were called Lean Backs there. We sat on our butts with our knees bent in front of us with our feet on the floor with our toes up if we wanted to. We held on to our hamstrings and just leaned back. Then we came back forward. Once we were doing good with it, we raised our arms up straight in front of us. Then we did Spinal Twists again. We were in basically the same position. We put our hands in front of us palms together and twisted to the right and then twisted to the left. It didn't kill my hips and quads this time. That's probably because I wasn't sore there today! I didn't really feel this one all that much in my abs though. Then we did Pedal Pushers. We were in pretty much the same position, but then did bicycles with our legs. It was really weird for me doing it like this. On my back with my arms moving too is just more natural. One of the people did a modified version by keeping one foot on the floor at all times. Then we rested and did it all over again.

The next round started out with Bridge Lifts. I really like these. I don't really feel them in my abs, but your core is more than your abs. I do feel these in my glutes and my quads. Then we did Tabletop Extensions. We started them with just sending our leg back. Then we added stretching out the opposite hand forward. I'm pretty good at these now! Then we did Fire Hydrants. I really hate the name of these, but I like the exercise. I really feel it on my outer thighs. So just like the name implies, we were on all fours and we lifted our leg up to the side as if we were peeing on a fire hydrant. 

Then we did a quick and easy cool down. There was stretching involved. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's another screen shot. The Daily Burn people seem to think I burned way more calories than this, but I think Daily Burn is probably closer to correct. 

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