Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 29: True Beginner Strength and Cardio 2

Day 29: True Beginner Strength and Cardio 2

I've been doing these True Beginner workouts from Daily Burn lately. I was planning on doing Yoga Shoulder Flow today, but it's 71 minutes. I can't wake up on time for a 60 minute workout. This 71 minute thing will just have to wait for the weekend. I've had three True Beginner workouts left, so I planned on doing two this morning, but I woke up late and only had time for one. I picked Strength and Cardio 2. 

The workout started with a pretty typical warm up for these. There was some deep breathing and some stretching. We had some shoulder circles, lower body circles, hip openers, reverse lunges, knee circles, side lunges, ankle circles and calf raises. Then the workout began.

There were two rounds. Each round had three exercises that we did twice each. The first round started off with Mobility lunges. In the workout, everyone has a chair that they can use for stability of they need it. I wish someone had told me to use a chair when I first started doing lunges! I've always hated them because I've always been so off balanced for them. Anyway, these mobility lunges involved lunging forward on one side and then back on the same side. Then we went back to center and did the same thing on the other leg. We alternated like this until the time was up. The next move was Chair Dips. I don't have a chair, so I used my window seat again. Love that window seat! These were just your standard tricep dips where you put your hands on the front of a chair and lower your butt to the floor. I went pretty low with these! My triceps are greatly improving. I should work on putting my feet further out in front of me, but I was seriously shocked with how well I was doing with these! My triceps and shoulders have always been my weakest parts! Then it was time for our cardio move. We did Scissor Jumps. We all learned that I hate scissor legs while doing Les Mills Combat! These were very mild compared to those. We started by just stepping one leg back and then forward and then doing the other one. We increased intensity by adding a jump, but then we paused before switching legs again. So imagine scissor legs, but instead of getting into position and then going, switch, switch, switch, we did switch, pause, switch, pause. I just did them fast, but the round seemed to last forever, so I lost my oomph and went back to the pausing. We did all of these again and then rested.

The next round started out with 3D Lunge. We lunged forward, then to the side and then to the back. We came back to center for each one so it wasn't like the Clockwork lunges in PiYo. During the rear lunges on this, I hit my knee to the floor and wasn't even trying. This foam rolling stuff is really doing amazing things for me! Then we did rear delt flys. They did it without weights. I picked up my 5# dumbbells and used those. I really felt it in my back the next day! Crazy how much I felt it really. The cardio portion was called a lateral step. We moved two steps to the right and then two steps to the left. We moved our arms a bit and got going faster to make it more intense. Then we did it all again and then we rested.

Then it was time for the cool down. There was a little bit of stretching and some motivational thoughts from the instructor. These workouts are good because they really do make you work. They are simple to do and you can vary up the intensity. Its a very calm setting and he tries to be motivational. He doesn't get in your face and yell at you to move harder or faster. The room is a peaceful setting and different motivational thoughts come up on screens in the room. It's a bit campy, but the workouts are good. They kick my butt and I've been at this fitness journey since January of this year. I've done PiYo and Les Mills Combat, but I still get some next day muscle soreness from doing these. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

They seem to think I burn something like 600 calories during this workout. I don't believe it. My BodyMedia device seems low, but I'm fairly certain 600 is a crazy high estimate. Woot Woot! I got 12 minutes of total activity and two minutes of vigorous activity! 

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