Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 25: True Beginner Shotokan

Day 25: True Beginner Shotokan

Okay, this wasn't really day 25, but I did four workouts on the same day and needed to break them up. I'm really on day 30 something so I just spread these out to keep the separated and to make me feel better about skipping some of the workouts. 

Shotokan is a week 6 workout, but I'm not doing this program in order. I thought this one would have a nice martial artsy feel so I picked it. When I was a kid, we had a dog named Shotokan because my mum did Shotokan karate. I didn't even think about that until just now. 

This followed the same format with the timer in the bottom right corner counting down the workout and the bar that filled up as we did the moves. This one was a bit more subdued than the other workouts. The lighting was a bit darker and there was only one other person with him. 

We started off with some breathing. We did some arm circles, pelvic circles and hip openers. Then we did some squats. We moved on to Patient Lunges. Not sure where they got their name from. They were just forward lunges that we did slowly. Then we moved onto some blocks. We did low blocks, mid blocks and rising blocks. We moved on to Side Step to Low Block to Punch. Then we did Rising Block to Mid Block. The next move was hard! We did a lunge and went down as we punched five times. Then we went back up as we punched five more times.  Then we did Down Block to Punch to Kick. The next move was oh so fun. My hair was all gross and I had to touch it! We put one hand behind our head as we were in a lunge position. Then we brought our back knee up towards the opposite elbow three time. We switched sides and did it again. We did this a few times on each side. Then we did Side Sumo Thrust Kick. 

Then it was time to cool down. We did some side bends, some hamstring stretches and a forward fold. The screen showed that we were doing a Swan Dive when we weren't. Maybe I just haven't been looking at the screen for the other workouts, but these True Beginner ones seem to have some issues with the screen. 

Bodymedia Screen Shot

This was a pretty low key workout. There was a lot of explanation and demonstrating between moves. I'm actually surprised that I got 8 minutes of activity on here. I did feel this workout in my muscles though. Although, I was sore going into it and I had already done two other workouts. 

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