Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 24: True Beginner Stability and Mobility 1

Day 24: True Beginner Stability and Mobility 1

So technically, this isn't really day 24. I'm over 30 days now, but I skipped some days. Today, I did four workouts, and I'm just spreading them out so it's not one monstrous post and so I feel better about having skipped those days. :)

This workout was the first one in the True Beginner program. I kinda thought it was going to be Easy Peasy. However, it kinda kicked my ass. Nothing was difficult to do, but it got my heart rate going. I was sore when I started which didn't help. I love that these workouts have people who look like they need to be working out. It's not some super fit perky people. These people need to take breaks and they are breathing heavy. It's great.

This followed the same flow as the previous workouts. There was a timer counting down the workout and there was a bar that filled up as we did a specific move. We started off with some deep breathing and stretching stuff. This lasted about five minutes. There were arm circles, neck circles, spinal circles and a bunch of other things. 

Then we went to Chair pose! I'm not a huge fan of Chair pose, but it was kinda fun getting to do Yoga! I love me some Yoga! Then we moved on to some Karate stuff. Apparently the instructor is a black belt in karate. It was kinda nice to learn that. It made me think that I'll enjoy the rest of the workouts if they continue to have a bit of a martial artsy kind of feel. 

Okay so the first move was really simple. It was lifting up a knee and sort of stepping a smidge over to the side with it. Then we lifted the other one and did the same thing. After we did that for a bit, we adding a punch into it. We then added a kick when the knee was up. 

Then we did some bobbing and weaving. He called it back mobility, but it was bobbing and weaving. We adding some punching when we came up. I figured out at some point, I was doing the punching on the wrong arm, but then I figured it out eventually. Again, nothing was hard, but for some reason these moves were just taxing my brain.

The next move was called Karate step backs. This was super simple, but it got my heart going and worked my legs. We literally just stepped back at and angle. and then back forward and then back again. After a bit, we added a block. 

Then we rested before doing those three moves again. We made them more intense a bit earlier into the move too. Each move lasted about two minutes. The extra stuff came into play at the one minute more.

Then we stretched out and cooled down. I really like these workouts. They are simple, but they get my heart going. The moves do tax my brain a little bit at times even though they really are simple. The guy is a little Mickey Mouse Club, but it works. I like that the people look like they need to workout. I also like that I don't need to modify anything! 

Body Media Screen Shot

Here is my BodyMedia screen shot. I'm actually surprised that I only had 11 minutes of activity. I really felt like this thing was working me harder than this. Maybe it was because I started out sore and I did a workout before this one. 

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