Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 23: True Beginner Cardio Kickboxing 2

Day 23: True Beginner Cardio Kickboxing 2

It's been over a week now since I've done kettlebells and I really need to get back to it, but my shoulders are a bit sore still so I didn't want to make them worse. I really wanted to do Yoga, but the next workout is Shoulder Flow which again probably not a good idea. I've been wanting to do more of the True Beginner workouts, so I decided to do True Beginner Cardio Kickboxing 2. 

This one started off with high knees or jogging in place. I decided to jog in place. Then we went onto side bends. We did some spinal rotations after that. While doing the spinal rotations, I realized that I'm definitely getting more flexible! Once upon a time, I could barely touch my fingers down to the ground doing something like this, but today my hands were dragging on the ground! Woot Woot! 

This workout followed the same flow as the first one. It had a timer ticking down how much longer the workout was going to last. It also had the bar that filled up at the bottom as we did each move. When the bar was full, we moved onto a new move. This workout had some issues though. While we were doing some spinal rotations, it showed that we were doing pushups. At another point, the bar at the bottom didn't show up. It really sucked because we were doing something that I wanted to be over! It came back on though.

We did some balance and stability stuff. We raised a knee up and held it. Then we lowered it and switched legs. We did the same thing, but extended our foot out. After that round, we did the same thing, but extended our foot out to the side. Then we did it again and extended our foot behind us. I was pretty surprised with how well I did with these. I have some major balance issues, but this wasn't that hard! After that, we did some hip openers. We finished up the warm up with the boxer shuffle. This wasn't like any boxer shuffle I've done before. We just sort of took a step forward and then took a step back while holding a boxer type stance. 

Then it was time for the workout! We started with jab cross front kick. This was in the first workout too. It still messed with my brain for some reason to kick on the same leg as the last punch, but it worked. Then we did it again, but added a jab and a hook. Once we were done with that round, we added a roundhouse kick with a step forward and then a cross. I have no idea why, but the combination of moves was just really taxing on my brain. Nothing was difficult to do, but my brain just wouldn't tell my body to move the right way! It was pretty crazy! 

Okay so once that round was done, we did push ups! This is a beginner workout. This particular workout comes late in the 8 week program, but it's still a beginner workout. I've been doing push ups on my knees for several months and during PiYo, I tried to do them on my toes. I went down a few inches, but never did make it all the way down and all the way up. One of the guys in this workout was doing push ups on his toes! I still can't go all the way down and all the way up on my toes! I was feeling pretty good about myself until that moment! Then we did elbow plank for about 30 seconds. Then we moved on to Mountain Climbers! Although the screen shows them as Mountain Clibers. This workout definitely had issues with the screen info.  

Then we redid all of the kickboxing stuff on the other side. We did the push ups, elbow plank and mountain climbers again too! Then we did a bunch of stretching. It was all pretty normal workout stretching things. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Woot woot! 12 minutes of activity and two of those were vigorous! Awesome sauce! 

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