Monday, November 10, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 18: Cardio Kickboxing 1

Day 18: Cardio Kickboxing 1

I had planned on doing yoga this morning, but I took too long to write my blog post for DBK5 and ran out of time. I scrolled through to find something that was 30 minutes or less and found the True Beginner series. I figured beginners would be 30 minutes or less. I found Kickboxing 1 and thought it sounded fun. I love kickboxing so win win. 

This workout doesn't show up until week 5 of the True Beginner series. It really is for beginners. The guy leading the workout is very calm and relaxing, but still motivating. He guided us through the workout at a nice pace. He wasn't yelling at us to go harder or faster. He just tried to get us to keep going. That was kind of nice. 

So this is similar to DBK where you have the clock on the right that ticks down the whole workout and you have the bar on the bottom that tells you how much time you have left for that particular move. I think we did each move for 30 to 60 seconds depending on what it was. The people in the workout looked like they should be in a beginner workout which was nice. It wasn't all perfectly fit people. 

We started off with some mobility stuff, but not the annoying stuff from DBK. These were slow paced and pretty easy stuff, but some of them still challenged my balance. There was stuff where we lifted up one knee and held it there for a couple seconds and then alternated. We did some side bends and a few other things. Nothing too crazy.

Then we got into the kickboxing part of things. The first move was just a jab cross. We did that for a minute or so and then we did a jab cross front kick. For some reason, this challenged my balance since we were kicking on the same side as the last punch. We did this fairly slowly and it would be easy to keep up for a true beginner. After that we did a jab cross kick jab cross. Then we did jab cross kick jab cross kick step forward. It was all pretty easy to follow. 

Then we went into an upper body thing. We did some knee push ups and then we did some elbow planking. He had us hold the plank for 10 seconds and then we rested for a couple seconds. We did three sets like that. I just stayed up in plank the whole 35 ish seconds.  Then we got up and did some bent over rows without weights. We just squeezed our arms and made resistance. 

Then we went back and did the whole thing over again on the second side. We did the push ups and the planking and bent over rows too.

Then it was time for the cool down. The cool down only last a couple minutes. It consisted of some toe touching that they called Star Fish, some back bends and a reverse lunge stretch on each side.

Overall, I would recommend the workout for a true beginner, but I wouldn't trust the calorie burn they show. It said something like 741 calories. That's crazy. Insanity burns around 1000 calories an hour. I just can't imagine that this slow paced workout burns more than Insanity.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

My calorie burn from BodyMedia is only 170. I can't imagine that BodyMedia is off by over 500 calories. It was a good workout and I got some vigorous minutes in there. I wasn't expecting much of a calorie burn from a True Beginner workout. I do plan on doing more of these True Beginner workouts before my Daily Burn free trial is over just so I can blog about them. There was so little information about Daily Burn when I was trying to decide if i should sign up or not.

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