Monday, November 10, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Day 17: DBK5 Kettlebells

Day 17: DBK5

I started out this 60 day trial period with the intention of doing DBK all the way through as laid out by the makers of the program, but that has changed. I love working with the kettlebells. I truly do. However, the kettlebell workouts are 51 minutes long and only 20 minutes of that is actually using a kettlebell and There are only 3 to 4 kettlebell workouts a week. The other days are Yoga and Mobility. I like the Yoga workouts, but I'm not a fan of the Mobility workouts. I then modified my plan to do this fast version so instead of doing 4 weeks with the same basic program before moving up to the next set of DBK, I would do two weeks. Then I just decided to say screw the calendar and do whatever I wanted. I've only done DBK3 and DBK4 once and I've already moved on to DBK5. Once the soreness goes away, I will do DBK6. I figure after I've done all of these, I'll know enough kettlebell moves that I can do my own kettlebell workouts without all of the mobility and yoga stuff. I'll still get my warm up in and my stretches, but my kettlebell workout will have more kettlebell than non-kettlebell stuff.

So the format is the same. We did 8 moves for 30 seconds each and had four rounds.

The first move was alternating side elbow planks. I suck at these. It was torture, but in a good way.

Then we did a Catch Squat. The bell was on the floor under us. We squatted down to grab it and pulled it up to our chests and did a Goblet Squat. Then we lowered it down to the floor and did it all over again.

Then it was the One Arm Deadlift. It was one leg too. My balance just isn't where it needs to be for these. I did them really slowly. I really felt it though. 

Then we did a Low Pull Windmill. So the bell was in the bottom arm. You've got one arm up in the air and one arm down. The bell was in the down arm. We kicked our hips out to the side and lowered the bell pretty much to the floor before standing back up. 

Then it was the "Mason Clean." They also called it an Outside Clean. They gave it the name of the producer of the show since he likes these. I can't describe this very well, but instead of spiking the bell between your legs, you move it along a straight line in front of you from left to right (or right to left depending on what side your on). This wasn't too bad while I was doing it, but I'm pretty sure it fried my lower back muscles in a good way. OMG I woke up sore the next day.

Then we did the Clean and Press. We spiked the bell between our legs, brought it up into racked position and then it went up over our heads and then we reversed the process. I like these too. It didn't really hurt to do it. I never got to failure, but my shoulders were pretty sore the next day.

Next was Explosive Alternating Rows. So we were in a bent over row position. We pulled the bell up and sort of dropped it as the other hand caught it. Then we lowered it down and pulled up again. It took me a bit to really get this one.

Then it was the One Arm Swing. I love the Swing! 

Then it was more Yoga. I like some of them, but not others. It was a good workout.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I'm seeing more activity at least! It's a bit bothersome though that I can do my own Leslie Sansone workout while watching The Biggest Loser and burn way more calories than doing this kettlebell thing. Everyone talks about how you burn crazy calories doing Kettlebells, but I just don't see it on my BodyMedia device. Oh well. 

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