Friday, October 3, 2014

Review of PiYo Day 31

Day 31: Drench

I'm off schedule again! When I did Les Mills Combat, I made sure to do each workout as it was laid out on the calendar except for the two workouts that I switched because I read the calendar wrong. Those two workouts still bother me that I switched them. With PiYo, I'm just flying by the seat of my pants! I've doubled up, I've moved things around, and I've changed my rest days! I'm good with it too. I felt trapped while doing Les Mills Combat. I loved the workouts, but knowing that I had to do something like Shock Plyo on a hike day really sucked. With PiYo, I'm making it my own and I'm making it work for me. Plus, 

Day 31 on the calendar is actually supposed to be Drench, so I'm not that far off the schedule. However, I didn't do Core on Wednesday because I had a doctor's appointment. Instead of doing Core on Thursday and then Drench on Friday, I decided to keep Drench on Thursday because of the hike we have planned for Saturday! Then I'll do Saturday and Sunday on Sunday. That will be interesting because it's Buns and Strength Intervals, but they are both relatively short. 

Okay so Drench.....I always do my workouts when I wake up before I eat anything. That's just how it works into my day. I've never had issues with it. I went through Combat like that. I've done strength training like that. I've had success with weight loss doing it this way. I'm not so sure that it's working for me with PiYo though. Yesterday's workout was rough! I'm getting stronger in the lunges and squats, but there's this Down Dog section and it just kills me. Yesterday was the worst so far. I normally can't get through the whole thing without going to Child's Pose, but yesterday I bailed on more of it instead of less of it. It was the day after a rest day so I thought I would have done better not worse. It's possible that it's totally unrelated to my choice of doing this stuff without food first. It could have been related to the doctor's appointment and the messed up food schedule I had yesterday. I had to fast for my bloodwork, so breakfast wasn't until around 10AM. Normally, I'm eating something by 5:30. That's a long time to go without food. I was hoping that sleeping in until after 7:00 would help ease the pain of not eating. I'm really hoping that's what the problem was. Otherwise, I have to rethink my whole plan. I get belly pain if I eat too close to waking up. I need to workout before work though since hubby is now home after work. Oh decisions decisions.....

I'm not a huge fan of this workout. It just moves to fast for me. There are two sections where we go from one move to the next fairly quickly. It's a whole series and I should be able to remember the series since it's pretty simple, but I can't keep up with them which then throws me off for the whole series. I skip parts so that I'm on track with them and I don't get fully into a position before I have to move on. I feel the same way about Sweat. I still have to do Drench 5 more times in the next 3.5 weeks. I have to do Sweat three more times in that same time span. The two workouts I like the least are the two most common before I'm done. Two of those weeks have Drench twice and Sweat once. With all of the different workouts in this program, you would think that you wouldn't have repeats in a week. I can get through this and I will get better at it! I want that dang T-Shirt and then I can do my hybrid routine that doesn't include Sweat or Drench! This program ends on Drench, and I will have already done the free workout, so I might have to pick my favorite workout from the program and do that after the last day so then my PiYo round doesn't end on Drench. Les Mills Combat ended on my least favorite workout too. Weird!

You can read about my first experience with Drench on Day 25. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I actually got 20 minutes of activity! Woot Woot!

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