Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review of Graze Box 43

What is is and why I get it is a mail order snack subscription service. You pay them $6.49 per box and they send you four healthy snacks. You can get it set up so they come automatically every week or every two weeks. You can also email them for a special request. For example, I have one box that comes each week plus an extra box every fourth week. There are five work days in a week, but only four snacks in a box. I have this huge pet peeve about how things are packaged and having four of anything in a box drives me crazy. There are only four Jimmy Dean DeLite breakfast sandwiches in a box too. I need a four day work week to fit the four day packaging of so many products! Okay, rant over. Just go to and sign up for a free box. If you give them JAIMIE49P as your referral code, you'll get your first and fifth boxes free and I'll get a buck off a box or I can donate it to their farming school. I've donated all of them to the farming school so far.

The Packaging

The snacks are in a rigid plastic container with a peel away plastic film lid. All of the snacks are then bundled up in a paperboard box. The inside image changes periodically. 

Apple Cosmo

This has apples, lime raisins and cranberries. Sorry about the horrible picture. I didn't realize how badly it had come out or I would have retaken it. It's making my brain hurt looking at it. This snack is growing on me. I never liked the dried apples before, but they are getting sweeter. Either they started adding more sugar or used different apples or I've just reduced my sugar intake so much that dried apples now taste good. Who knows. 

Cinnamon Pretzel

This has poppyseed pretzels and cinnamon honey almonds. I don't really get the pretzel and nut combo, but I like it. I love pretzels, but these don't have as much salt as I'm used to. I still like them though. It's a good snack with a nice ratio. I probably shouldn't be eating it because of the sugar and all the stuff in the pretzels, but I'm not giving up pretzels just yet. 

Lightly Salted Popping Corn

I love this stuff and wish I could buy it by the case. I would eat popcorn every day if I could get more of this stuff. It's the perfect size for one person and it doesn't have a bunch of junk in it. I don't even miss the fact that it has no butter. Just be sure to read the instructions that talk about how this is a small bag so don't hit the popcorn button and just walk away.

Summer Berry Flapjack

This is my favorite flapjack. It's just so incredibly yummy. I have nothing but love for this flapjack. Wars could be ended if everyone had summer berry flapjacks on a daily basis. 

Nutritional Content

Apparently this picture came out cruddy too. Sorry about that. 

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