Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Kettlebells Days 5 and 6

I did Day 5 and 6 of Daily Burn Kettlebells the same day. I was also the same day as Day 49 of A person called Piyo. It was a busy day. The coming week is going to be rough. I've got the last week of PiYo, plus Daily Burn Kettlebells. There are too many long workouts in the coming week to double up, so I tripled up today and will probably have to do the same next Saturday and Sunday. I need to get Kettlebells onto a Monday through Sunday instead of this Wednesday through Tuesday thing that I've got going right now. It's going to be a very long week!

Day 5: Recover Yin Yoga

I actualy did Yin Yoga after DBK1 today. It just made more sense to end my triple workout day with Yoga. This was my first real Yoga workout. I did a Biggest Loser Yoga workout before, but that wasn't the same as this. This was more traditional calm music, slow deep breathing and very slow movements for stretching. This was not a weight loss yoga workout. I'm not going to go over all of the moves that were done because they all had Japanese names except for Pigeon, Down Dog and Up Dog. This was HARD! I was a bit disappointed to have the Down Dog Split thing like in PiYo. I didn't do so well with it either. I was pretty much fried by the time I got to this workout. 

The set up was just like Kettlebells. There was a timer that counted down the whole workout and there was a bar that filled as the move progressed. Once the bar was all the way across the screen, we were done with that move. However, this was a bit different because the person doing the routine wasn't speaking. She flowed through the movements and then she did a voice over on it. I found that to be a bit weird. It sort of kept me disconnected from the workout. It makes sense why they would do it, but it was just weird. I had a hard time following the moves with just her voice cues and I had to keep looking at the screen which made it a bit awkward in some of the moves.

I wasn't sure how this was going to go, but I really liked it. I found that I was a lot more flexible than I thought I was. I also feel really really stretched out right now. It felt pretty good! It wasn't a big calorie burn according to the BodyMedia, but that's okay. I wasn't going for calorie burn with this. I just wanted to feel like I had been stretched out, and this definitely did that. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

There's not much to say about the screen shot other than, I don't think I did 100 steps. Most of this was on my butt. I did find it funny that she actually used the word butt several times. You don't hear people in workout videos use that term very much. 

Day 6: DBK1

I did Day 6 on Day 5 since it was going to be a rough week trying to work in all of the workouts. This sounded like a good plan at the time, but sitting here now a few hours later, I'm not so sure! I'm getting ahead of myself though. First I should talk bout the workout. 

The first time I did DBK1, I started out with the smallest bell that I had and I worked my way up. This time, I started off with the 15 pound bell. It made a HUGE difference. The fact that I had already done another workout today could have also made a difference, but I'm pretty sure the weight had a lot to do with it. This time around, this workout felt like a workout. The first time, it seemed pretty slow paced, but not this time! I was huffing and puffing for the bulk of the workout. I used those 1 minute rest periods to catch my breath! By the fourth set, that weight was getting heavy! I was grunting and groaning pretty good. The last four reps of the row were HARD! I didn't quite make it to failure on anything, but I came pretty close! 

My body took a beating today. I'm seriously wondering if I'm going to be able to walk tomorrow. My glutes are all tingly. I really felt it in my hamstrings today too. I think that I had better form today. I really worked on the hip extension thing that they talk about. I'm really excited to move on to DBK3 and DBK4! I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to wait until week 5 for that, but I'm not sure when to make the jump up. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I got two minutes of vigorous activity! Yahoo! I thought with all of that huffing and puffing that I would have had more than 13 minutes of total activity, but I'll take it! Three workouts in one day! OMG!

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