Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Kettlebells Day 4

Day 4: Recover Full Mobility

Day 4 of the Daily Burn Kettlebells program isn't actually a kettlebell workout. It was Recover Full Mobility. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was leaning towards a lot of stretching type stuff, but wasn't so sure on that since they also have a Yoga workout in this program. I definitely was not expecting what I ended up with. 

I can't really describe this workout. My best attempt is that it was 30 minutes of warm up exercises. Some of them lasted 30 seconds, but others were  a full minute. I didn't do so well with some of these. My knee started to hurt while doing some of them. I did not have fun during this workout. There were just so many things that I was blah about with it. 

The format was the same where there was a clock at the bottom counting down the workout and a bar filling up to show you how long you've been doing the current move. The instructor was the same guy who does the Kettlebell program, but it was set up almost like an instructional video instead of a workout video. Cody did some of the moves, but there were many of them that he had another person do. Cody would talk throughout the move and explain how to make it harder or easier. It just felt weird. When the other guy was doing the moves, he really emphasized his exhales and I found it quite distracting listening to him breathing. There were far too many moves to go over each one individually, but I'll give you the names and you can Google them if you want to know what they are.

Head and Neck Circles
Double Figure 8
Dynamic Arms
Arm Screw (PAIN!)
Arm Bar (Shoulders on FIRE!)
Tea Cups (I never did figure out how to do this one)
Tai Chi Twist (it was well Thai Chi on the screen though)
Thorax Circles (This taxed my brain, but I think I got it eventually)
Spinal Rolls (I kinda liked this one. I think I'm feeling it today too)
Loose Leg Leg Saw (This is where the pain began)
Inside Hip Circles (The knee pain carried into this one)
Outside Hip Circles (This one too)
Knee Figure 8 (I couldn't figure this one out)
Frog (LOVE IT)
Shin Lunge (I had never done these, but I kinda like em! Never thought I would find a lunge I like)
Shin Box (I eventually figured this out)
Shin Box Frog (I kinda liked this one)
Sit Through Extension (Kinda like a kick through with PiYo I didn't do so well)
Scorpion (This was interesting, but kinda hard, but still kinda nice)
Samurai Shift (I don't think I did this one correctly because I didn't feel much)
Extended Table (I wasn't so good at this one)
Bear Squat (Interesting name, but similar to the Down Dog squat thing in PiYo)
Tripod (I didn't even try this one. I just looked like something I shouldn't do)
Rock Bottom Squat (I didn't get very low, but I went as low as I could)
Plow Toe Touch (I didn't do so well with these, but I did try them)
Straddle Reach (Not what I was expecting, and I didn't do it. More rolling on my back UGH)
Shake Out (I did really well with this one! Woot Woot)

My overall thoughts on this workout.......I don't plan to ever do it again. It's in the schedule once per week for the first four weeks though. I'll work on my mobility with Tai Cheng after I'm done with Daily Burn or the 21 Day Fix. I have no desire to go through this workout ever again. I have to do workouts that I don't like to get through the Beachbody stuff to earn my T-shirt, but I'm not getting a prize for torturing myself with stuff I don't like from Daily Burn. If I don't like it, I'm just not going to do it. That may sound like a bad attitude. I should do things that I don't like so I can get better at them and then maybe I'll like them, but right now, I need to do workouts that I like so I'll keep working out. There are plenty of things that I do like, that I shouldn't waste time on things that I don't like. 

Day 5 of Kettlebells is Yoga. I'm really hoping that I like it! I've got PiYo Strength Intervals to do as well. It will be interesting to see how the next eight days goes. I might have to miss a couple kettlebell workouts and double up later. I'm looking at the PiYo schedule and Monday starts off with Drench which is 48 minutes. Kettlebells should be DBK1 which is 51 minutes. I obviously can't do them both in the same day. I'm going to do PiYo now, and I'll look at the schedule in a bit to see how I can tweak things and still get all of my workouts in. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Another less than impressive screen shot. My calorie burn was a lot lower than the one that showed on the screen. That's probably because I didn't finish every move and there were a couple that I didn't even do since they looked dangerous for me. 

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