Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review of Daily Burn Kettlebells Day 2

Day 2: Kettlebells 1

Today was my first official day of Daily Burn kettlebells. Yesterday was just a 12 minute tutorial, but today was a full blown 51 minute workout. I was so excited and scared at the same time. I did two PiYo workouts yesterday so that I could do kettlebells today! 

I gotta say that I really liked this workout and I managed to get though it with little trauma. I really like the instructor and I'm pretty picky about my workout instructors. He was pretty low key, but very informative.

The warm up lasted about ten minutes. It included running in place, arm circles, side bends with a stick, some funky shoulder thing that I can't even describe, leg circles and leg swings. There may have been some other things as well, but I can't remember them. Each move lasted a minute. We did half of that minute on one leg and half on the other for the moves that we couldn't do both legs at the same time. Oh, and I think there was a frog stretch at the beginning. I'm not sure if it's a classic yoga move or if they just made it up for this. I kinda liked it though! There was a timer on the bottom of the screen that indicated how much time was left in the workout. There was also a bar at the bottom that filled as the minute went by.

The workout consisted of the same 8 exercises done in four sets. Each exercise lasted 30 seconds. There was a bar at the bottom that filled as the 30 seconds went on. Some of the moves were single arm moves. The first and third rounds were for the right side and the second and fourth rounds were for the left side. I got to use the kettlebell! Woot Woot! I was sooooooooo excited! So the different exercises (in no particular order) were plank, squats, single arm deadlifts, a thing where we flipped the bell over and raised it up over our heads, side bends with the stick, a false clean arm thing that I can't remember the name, a move where we sat down on a box (I used my window seat) and stood up quickly while pushing our hips forward, and a single arm row. 

After each round, there was a rest period. They also showed on the screen how many calories we had burned. It stayed pretty close to what the BodyMedia device showed. 

I did the first set with my 5lb bell, the second and third sets with my 10lb bell and the last set with my 15lb bell. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I wanted to make sure that I started off low so I could make it through the whole 51 minute workout. Next time, I'm going to do it with the 15lb bell for all of the sets. I never felt like I got to failure. I hope the 15lb bell gets me there because I spent $26 to get these bells and hubby won't be thrilled if I need to buy a heavier bell after a week! Apparently, I'm stronger than I give myself credit for! 

The cooldown lasted about 10 minutes. It was a bunch of yoga poses. I don't remember all of them, but the ones I liked best were pigeon, dying warrior and frog. Tomorrow is a PiYo rest day, but I won't get to rest! I've got kettlebells 2 tomorrow! I'm excited to see what that involves. Then this weekend it's Recover Full Mobility and Recover Yin Yoga. Both of them are about 30 minutes. I'm not really sure what to expect from either one of them, but I think they'll work out great after a PiYo workout. PiYo will be Drench and Strength Intervals! 

Overall, I was thrilled with this workout. I loved the set up, the instructor and the moves. However, I'm still a bit puzzled by the Daily Burn app on my Roku. Yesterday showed the Swing Clinic as Today's Workout, but it was there again this morning. Apparently the app doesn't keep up with me, so I'll have to make sure I know what workout to do each day. That's not a problem since I've been doing that with PiYo and Les Mills Combat, but not all of the workouts are in the Kettlebell program, so it could be annoying to find them. I need to give it more time to figure out if it's annoying or not to deal with the app. 

BodyMedia Screen Shots

Well, my screen shots aren't very impressive. This was the first workout and I was still figuring out what I was doing. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I might fast track myself to Kettlebells 3 and 4. :) That big spike at the beginning was the running in place section.

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