Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Days 45 and 46

Day 45: Core

I did two workouts today because I wanted to be able to do Daily Burn Kettlebells tomorrow and that workout is 51 minutes. I did Core and Buns today. I did Buns first since it's harder on the legs. For the last few weeks, I've really enjoyed Core, but today, I wasn't really digging it. I did like the Criss Cross section mainly because I kicked ass in that section. I forgot that this thing also had that blasted Down Dog section that I'm just not a fan of. It wasn't as long as the others, but I still didn't enjoy it. I got through it though and managed to do most of the reps in that section. I loved that I didn't have to do push ups in this one!

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I actually had three minutes of activity on this one! Shocking! I must have gotten faster on my lunges.

Day 46: Buns

This is the other workout that I've loved in recent weeks, but apparently, I forgot that it had burpees in it. I did well with all of the lunges and I got deeper in my squats. I even took less breaks during this. However, I just suck at burpees. I would rather run than do burpees. Doing this double workout today really took it's toll on me. I was pretty drained when it was done. I was also pretty tired all day. What's worse than that, I was hungry all day. I'm still hungry even though I ate a pretty big dinner. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I had 14 minutes of activity with this one! I was pretty surprised by that!

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