Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 8

Day 8: Sweat

When I went to bed last night, I was a bit concerned that I would be too sore to workout this morning. I was pretty happy when I woke up and discovered that I could indeed power through a PiYo workout. I've worked through a lot of pain in my life, but I just don't think it's a good idea to do PiYo while still experiencing DOMS in the same muscle group that I will be working out. Maybe it's an excuse, maybe there's nothing wrong with it, but I've been told all of my adult life that you don't workout the same muscle group two days in a row, so I stick to that thought process. 

I'm hoping that I can get this week condensed into five workout days so I can get my start day back to Monday. Once I accomplish that, I'll work on keeping it to a five day workout week so I can have Saturday and Sunday as rest days. I'll still hike on the weekends for as long as the weather allows it, but I really felt trapped by working out on Saturdays during Les Mills Combat

I did this workout for the first time on Day 4. This was the workout that required two rest days to recover from. I'm not a fan of this workout! I love that it really works my legs, but I just feel so uncoordinated and off track during it. I'm not good at balancing on one leg and this has Warrior 3 in it several times. I also can't really figure out what I'm supposed to do for one of the moves. It should be simple enough, but I just can't seem to do it and I can't watch them while attempting it. It's the one where we're in Down Dog, but then bring our leg out to the side and towards the elbow. I might have to have hubby come watch me do it and then he can just manipulate my body into the right positions. I'm sure the average person would have no problem figuring out how to move, but it took me a week to figure out the PiYo Cross. I'm just really challenged when it comes to choreography. 

I did improve a little over the first time with this workout. I did the PiYo Cross correctly even though it takes a massive amount of brain function for me. I did the push ups on m toes, but I only came down maybe an inch. It might not have even been a full inch! It's still an improvement. Last week, I did them on my knees and I still had a hard time getting my body up off the floor. These tricep push ups are just hard for me! 

I find myself missing the opportunity for water breaks. Les Mills Combat had short breaks between segments. These segments all just flow into each other. The timer indicates you're in a new segment, but she just keeps going. It's only a 37ish minute workout, so I shouldn't really need a water break, but I live in the desert and my throat gets really dry during all of the heavy breathing. 

I'm still really bummed that this workout has burpees. I love that this is classified as no impact. I'm getting a great workout without stressing out my joints. Why do we have to throw burpees into the mix! I'm glad I got this workout and I look forward to finishing my 60 days of PiYo. Tomorrow is Lower Body Define. What crazy person put Lower Body Define after Sweat? If I wake up too sore for Lower Body Define, I'm going to switch the workouts and do Core tomorrow. I haven't done Core yet. Then maybe I'll do Define Upper Body and Define Lower Body on the same day again to work on getting back to a Monday start date.

BodyMedia Screen Shots

I haven't been including the website screen shot for these because they've been so unimpressive. I have a hard time even finding them on the thing. This one was just an interesting picture so I included it. It almost looks like a HIIT workout. I got more minutes of activity and more calories burned than last time I did this one. Woot Woot!

Want to Learn More? Watch the video


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