Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 9

Day 9: Define: Lower Body

Starting on a Tuesday was a bad idea! I just feel so discombilated. I look at the calendar and know that today is Wednesday, but then I have to remember to do the workout from the day before. I kinda of with the calendar was set up with days 1 through 60 instead of Monday through Sunday. So today was Define: Lower Body. I woke up on time today, but I procrastinated getting to the workout. I was a little sore from doing Sweat yesterday, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the first time I did Sweat on Day 4.

I'm getting better at Define: Lower Body. I don't feel as lost as I did the first time I did it back on Day 2. My balance is a little better on the Warrior 3 stuff. I still suck at tricep pushups. I've just decided to try them on my toes and only go down a small amount. I like this workout, but I really do need to get a yoga mat. If I go too deep in Warrior 1 and Warrior 2, I start to slide so I then don't go as deep and it's not as effective. I must have done something wrong my first time doing this workout though. I didn't have Jell-o legs that day. I was pretty much Jell-o today. My legs were all quivery for a good part of the day. I feel like I'll be Sore tomorrow.

Define: Upper Body

In order to get caught up and back on a Monday through Sunday schedule that matches up with the calendar, I doubled up today and did Day 11 on Day 9. I added in Define: Upper Body. I thought it was going to make me late to work, but it didn't! So tomorrow, I'll do Day 10 which is Core. The day after that should be Day 11 which is Define: Upper Body, but I did that today. Friday is a Rest Day, but I'm going to do Saturday's workout on Friday and then Sunday's Workout on Saturday and then have my rest day on Sunday. Then I'll be on Monday's workout on Monday! Monday will be the last time that I do Define: Upper Body in this round of PiYo. I think Strength Intervals takes over for that. I'm excited about a new workout tomorrow!

Back to today! I like this workout even though it's a bit of a challenge for me. The tricep pushups are just horrible for me. I'm not modifying as much stuff as I thought I would have to. I do have to modify the PiYo Pike. I think that's what she calls it. You start off in a Side Plank and then you reach your raised arm under your torso and you Pike while doing it. Pike is just a fancy name for reaching your butt to the sky. I started out doing the Side Plank without modifying it, but once we did the PiYo Pike, I had to get on my knee. Side Planks and Planks are so much easier up on your hand! I love that she does them that way in this. With Les Mills Combat, we were on our elbows for the Plank and Side Plank. It's sooooooooooo hard that way!

I like this workout and I think I'm going to miss it! Although, maybe what replaces it will be even better. Doing both the Upper Body and Lower Body on the same day turns two short workouts into one pretty intense one for this out of shape chick. You can read a play by play of the this workout on Day 3 of PiYo.

BodyMedia Screen Shots

The one on the left is Lower Body and the one on the right is Upper Body. I actually got activity minutes for Lower Body today! I think my calorie burn for Upper Body is down from before. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the video

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