Monday, September 8, 2014

Review of Beachbody Piyo Days 6 and 7 One Week DONE!

Day 6: Define: Lower Body

I actually did this on Day 7. Day 5 was my Rest day, but Day 4 made me hurt so much that I took two days of rest and crammed two workouts into one day on Day 7. 

This was my second time doing this workout. I did it for the first time on Day 2 of PiYo. I felt a bit out of my element on Tuesday. Today went much better. I think I have finally mastered the PiYo Cross! I'm really not good with choreography. I also don't do well with mirrors. If the instructors would just turn around, I'd have a much easier time following them. The PiYo Cross has all limbs moving at the same time plus I'm squatting down and rolling my torso down and up. I'm shocked that it only took me a week to figure out what the heck to do with it!

I still suck at these tricep pushups the way she says to do them. It's supposed to be easier for me to do them with my elbows hugging my body and not flaring out, but yet, I just can't do them. I could do the push ups in Les Mills Combat. I felt strong and powerful. Doing these things with my elbows in makes me feel wimpy and incompetent. Hopefully, I'll get better at those in time!

I was able to hold the poses longer this time. I didn't do so well with Warrior 3, but I tried not to modify it. I don't have a chair so for me to modify I have to walk over to the window seat. It's annoying to then walk back to center on the TV so I just wobbled all over the place and looked like an idiot. Wobbling is supposed to make me stronger I've been told.

I still feel like I'm doing something wrong though because she says I'm supposed to be grateful for going into Child's Pose, but I never am. I'm kind of grateful in a sick and twisted way for Pigeon, but not once have I been grateful for Child's Pose. She talks about wrist flexibility and how a lot of people have pain in their wrists when doing this stuff, but so far, I haven't had any  pain in my wrists.

I like this workout. I think I mentioned before that it's only around for the first two weeks, but it's actually in the first three weeks. At the end of week three, we pick up Strength Intervals and drop Define: Lower Body and Define: Upper Body. I'm really looking forward to that one. I'm hoping that I like it because it's one of the ones I want to put into my Les Mills Combat / PiYO Hybrid workout. I'm also looking forward to Core, Buns, Hardcore on the Floor, and Sculpt. I'm not really looking forward to Drench. I've heard Drench is insane! My thoughts are to do Combat 45 and the two Combat 60 routines three days each week and mix in Core, Buns, Hardcore On the Floor and Sculpt three days a week. It will be a bit though before I get there because I have to finish PiYo, do my Daily Burn free Trial and do 21 Day Fix.

Day 7: Define: Upper Body

This was the second time for this workout as well. I did this one on Day 3. I felt a bit behind the first time doing this, but it went better this time. It helps that I'm learning some of the names. This had a lot of those tricep pushups. I have the wimpiest triceps on the planet, but I don't feel these tricep push ups in my triceps. I think I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm just so weak doing these. I much prefer my wide hand push ups from Les Mills Combat.

I really like the section where we sit on our butts and roll back while holding our legs. I'm not able to do the advanced version with my legs straight, but I don't have to follow the modifier person on that one. It's kinda fun to be rolling around too! I can totally feel it in my abs when I'm doing it. I didn't hate the bicycles as much this time. I'm also getting a lot stronger with those. My legs are getting closer and closer to the floor! Once I get all this fat off, I'm going to have these tree trunk thighs, but it's going to be all muscle! 

I had to modify the side planks. I'm going to try forcing myself to not modify them the next time. I'm not a huge fan of the side plank, but it is so much easier on my hand than on my elbow! I don't dread planks in this like I did in Les Mills Combat. I think we held them longer in Les Mills Combat than in PiYo. It's kind of neat having an instructor who seems to have ADD. We don't really hold anything for too terribly long and we don't sit there doing the same move over and over and over and over and over again! It makes it harder for me to learn, I do like not holding a plank for some crazy amount of time. However, I still suck at this PiYo Pike thing. It's the Side Plank where you take your raised arm and reach it under your belly to the other side. I need to get off my knees for that! I'm also still pretty sucky at the thing where we rotate from one hip to the other. 

I'm really glad that I decided to do this program. After I got it, I kind of regretted it. I didn't think I was going to enjoy it and I didn't think I would even be able to do it. I kept seeing people posting stuff on Facebook with videos of them doing it and it just looked like something I wouldn't enjoy, but I'm doing it and I'm not modifying nearly as much as I thought I would be. I'm still in the beginning stages though so maybe I'll be doing more modifying as we get into the tougher workouts. I still like it and I love that I can get a good burn and some major DOMS without goingn to the gym to live weights for an hour. 

BodyMedia Screen Shots

The one on the left is Lower Body and the one on the right is Upper Body. I didn't bother with the website screen shots since you really can't tell the difference between the workout and me getting breakfast ready. People say that you burn more calories doing strength training, but the BodyMedia Fit doesn't agree. I know that PiYo isn't lifting weights, but it's all body weight exercises which are strength training. My muscles were tingly all day which makes me think that I was experience that after burn that Leslie Sansone always talks about, but the Bodymedia Fit didn't show an increase in my calories per minute while at rest. It drives me nuts!

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