Monday, September 29, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 29

Day 29: Sculpt

This was my first time doing Sculpt. I was a bit nervous to do this one! The name just sounded painful. She suggests doing this one in shoes. I'm not really sure why, but she did. I did it in my Yoga socks though. I just don't like to workout at home in my shoes. I hate having shoes on in the house!

This workout starts off with a 10 second Shakeology commercial just like all of the others in this program. The workout was just under 27 minutes. The warm up was just over 3 minutes. We started off by squatting down and circling our arms. Then we did some lunges back. Then we did some folding and lunging back. This was a little bit different. We alternated between the squatting and the fanning with the lunges. Then we did squats down for three counts and alternating bringing our knees up. Then We did single squats and alternated the knee lifts. Then we did Sumo squats while raising our arms up over our heads. Then we kept up with the squats and did lat pull downs. Those are a bit weird with no weights. We did a shoulder stretch that I can't really describe. Then we had a flat back and bent forward then rounded up. We did that a few times and did another fanning up and then did the alternating knee bends. More fanning up and folding. Then we rolled up and rolled our shoulders back.

The next section was just under 7 minutes. We started with squats. Then we did lunges with our right leg staying back. Then we did lunges with tapping the right leg forward. We weren't supposed to come all the way up when we did the tap. Then we went down for four and up for four with a tap. Then we went down and stayed down for probably 16 counts or more! Then we did bowlers. We didn't bring the leg back. We just stayed down in bowlers and went up and down. Then we brought it over and tapped it as we did the bowlers. Then down in bowlers for four and up for four. Then we stayed down in bowlers and pulsed. Torture!! I couldn't stay down there as long as they could! Then we went into squats. Then we did it all over again on the other leg. 

The next segment was just under 6 minutes. We got down into Plank, Up Dog and then Down Dog. Then the fun stuff started! We brought one leg forward and then went into Warrior 1. We went up and down with the arms as we went up and down with the legs. Then we went down for a count of three as we did lat pull downs. Again, it was weird without weights. More with the arms up and down as we went down on a four count and then up again with a four count. Then we went into a Runner's Lunge. I love Runner's Lunge! Then we went into Plank and up into Down Dog. Then Split Down Dog. She really loves this move. I really don't! I'm not sure why it's so hard for me, but I just can't pull this off for long. We did crouching push ups with this. I'm not so good with these. I'm better at the ankle taps down into plank. Then more Split Down Dog and then Down Dog. Then we did that section with the other leg. Then we got to do Child's Pose.

The next segment was just under 5 minutes. We did a lot of push ups! We started with the toughest one first according to her. We did a slow tricep pushup. Now, she's said before that tricep push ups are better, but this time, she said they were harder than wide arm push ups. I'm so confused! Then we we went into Side Plank. The top leg was the anchor and we pulled the bottom leg up and pulled arm arm down to meet it. This was hard! I didn't do it well at all. More tricep push ups, but this time we had one knee down. Then we went with wide arm push ups. We did these with one knee down too. Then we did the Side Plank on the opposite side. The modifier didn't modify enough for me. More tricep push ups! She did them on her knees. More wide hand push ups. She was still on her knees. Down Dog! My arms were pretty sore by this point. I ended up doing some Child's Pose to get the break. Then we went onto all fours and did a Triangle Pushup. Our fingers pointed towards each other and we were on our knees, but we were stretched out pretty good. This really worked the triceps! More child's pose. More Down Dog and then we stood up

The next segment was just under five minutes. We did Tricep Dips! She used a chair, but one of the people did them on the floor. We picked up one leg off the floor and alternated them. Then we kept one leg up for several reps. Then we switched legs. We got to rest on the chair for a moment. Then we were on our back with our heels up on the chair. We did a bridge sort of move, but our feet were on the chair. Then we did it with one leg up to the sky and then we swapped the legs. Then we slid our body away from the chair and we did it again and only went halfway down before going back up. The last set was just pulsing. At the two minute mark we started stretching out our legs. 

I'm pretty sure that my legs and triceps are going to be killing me tomorrow. I've been kind of bummed about the lack of soreness in my triceps since doing this. She talks about the tricep push ups all the time, but I just haven't been feeling it. Those tricep dips and the Triangle Pushups really killed my triceps! Wowzers this workout was intense! I have to do Sweat tomorrow! After that is Core so I get a bit of a rest for my legs, but then it's right to Drench! We're supposed to do an intense hike on Saturday, but I'm supposed to do Buns! I'm not really sure how that's going to workout. I might have to do Buns and Strength Intervals on Sunday if I can walk. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

This only shows 4 minutes of total activity, but this workout was intense! I'm going to be in some major pain tomorrow! 

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