Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 25

Day 25: Drench

This was my first time doing Drench. I've been dreading this workout from the start. Before I did PiYo, a lot of people were writing about on Facebook. One specific person was a fitness  instructor and she said that it was a great workout. If she thought Drench was a great workout, what was I going to think of it? I figured it would be a hell beyond hells. The ones she said were easy were pretty tough for me! I knew Drench was going to hurt, but in a good way.

This is the longest workout of the bunch. It was 48 minutes. This one had two new people in it. Michelle was the same modifier. I like that the modifier person is the same in all of the workouts.

The first segment was just under 4 minutes. We did pretty much the same warm up as the other workouts. The squatting with the arm circling and arm lifting over the head bit is the first step. Then we did chair followed by alternating lunges. Then we repeated it and added PiYo Cross. We did it all over again and added fanning the arms up and bending down. Then we bent our right knee and then our left knee. Then we did the whole thing over again. The guy in the workout has lost 100 pounds which was pretty awesome. He looks great!

The next segment was just under 6 minutes. We got down on the floor and did some tricep pushups on our knees. We went into Down Dog. We then did some Crouching Down Dog. Into Runner's Lunge. We switched legs a few times. Then back up. Down into Plank. Up Dog. Down Dog. Then back up and alternating lunges. Back down to Plank. She lifted a foot off the floor and did Tricep Pushups. I didn't realize she had a foot up. I didn't even try that part. I did my wimpy version of a push up, but both feet were on the ground. Back to Down Dog. When we gt up we did Windmill and then Chair pose. Windmill with the other arm going down and more Chair. We got back down into Plank. Up Dog. Down Dog. Back up. We did this series a few times. The series went pretty fast. I couldn't keep up. I felt rather lost at times since I was never on the move that they were doing. I skipped a few things to get caught back up to them. We ended with a lunge stretch and a fan up and fold stretch. 

The next section was 8 minutes. We quickly got down to Plank and then Low Lunge. We pressed up and down with it. We then pulled the knee up and stood up. We did some knee lifts and then Warrior 3. Back down to Low Lunge. We switched sides and did it with the other leg. We switched legs a few times with this series. I was a bit behind in this one too, but not as bad as the first time. I kind of liked this segment. I did the Low Lunge in Runner's Lunge position though. She said we could do that in a different workout, but she didn't mention it in this one. I just can't do Low Lunge well. We sped up the process a bit. Then we got down to Plank and went to Up Dog and then Dog Down. Then we stood up for some slow lunges. I normally hate lunges, but I didn't hate this. We then tapped the floor while doing the lunges. We then built on it and pulled the knee up. The next level was doing a straight leg kick when coming up from the lunge. Oh those were hard! Then we went to Bowler's Lunge. I'm not a fan of them. Then we tapped the floor. Then we added a knee left when we came up. Then we swept the arms up and over the head to meet the knee coming up. My shoulders were killing me! Then we alternated Bowler's Lunges. We did some squats after that. Then we did that series on the other leg. We finished the section with sumo squats. 

The next segment was just under 6 minutes. We started with narrow squats. We went right into PiYo Pushups. Followed by a Squat. We did that twice and then lifted our right leg and left leg in a Plank and then squatted. We did that twice. Then we got down into a Plank and then onto our elbows with our feet wide. We alternated stretching our arms out while in an elbow plank. I had to do them on my knees. Then we went to Plank on the hands and then into Down Dog. We went into Split Down Dog. Then it got fun! Or not. We came down  and extended the leg out to the side. Then back to Split Down Dog for what seemed like an eternity! Back to Down Dog. Finally! Then we got back up again. More PiYo Pushups! We added an alternating knee forward during this segment. We did Chair between each PiYo Pushup. Then we did the alternating reach again with Elbow Planks. Then we did the Split Down Dog segment with the other leg. 

The next segment was 3-1/2 minutes. We did squats! Alternating Bowlers. It turned into a hop that was similar to doing a skater. We added our arms moving them at an angle. We went back to squats. We did lunges and brought the knee up. I had to lunge and then tap the foot forward before doing the knee lift. She started doing a hop. I didn't do that. We switched sides. Sumo Squats with floor touching! We pulsed down three times and then all the way up. She added a toe lift that i didn't do. I should so I can work my calves for those hikes. Then we did Sumo Burpees! Oh joy. I don't like Burpees! We ended with Sumo Squats. 

The next segment was just over two minutes. We started out in Beast (On all fours, but with the knees off the ground). We alternated touching our opposite knee. We started to go into kick throughs. So we go from Beast and then roll to one hip. Then back to Best and then roll to the other hip. We then kicked the foot forward while doing that. It looks like I've been doing these wrong since I actually let my hip touch the floor, but they don't do that. This is a segment I really need to work on, We held Beast for the last few seconds and then went into Child's Pose. 

The next segment was just over 13 minutes. We started in Plank. We then went to High Lunge. We went up and down with this while moving the arms up and down too. We went into Warrior 2 while moving our arms out and in. Then we went into Right Angle. Then we did Triangle while doing arm circles. We did that series again and again and again and again. Then we went down into Runner's Lunge. Then the leg swept back and stayed in the air while we did some back extension thing. Then we did a side plank, but our leg went back behind us to prep us for PiYo Flip. Back to plank. We did that series again and again. We sped it up and did it a few more times. Then we started it from the start a few times. Then we went into Down Dog. We held this one longer than we normally do. Then we did the whole thing on the other side. 

The next segment was was just over five minutes. We went into Open Hip Down Dog. We bent the raised leg. Then back to Down Dog and Open Hip Down Dog with the other leg up and then bent. More Down Dog. Then Plank. Oh Tricep Push Ups YAY! (not) Then we went to Pigeon. I really like Pigeon. We did both legs. Then up into Elbow Plank with alternating leg lifts. I did get them a little bit up, but not far. Then Plank on hands and Runner's Lunge. I love this at the end of a workout! We did both legs. Back to Plank. We did our feet wide and hands wide and did push ups. I got down lower on these! We did a Straddle Stretch next. He hung her head down, by my head felt like it was going to explode so I kept my head up. Then we stood up and did a bench over stretch. 

PiYo Drench done! I now know how crazy intense this workout is! I know what I need to work on. I know where I'm already improving. This was hard, but I'm glad I did it. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here is my rather unimpressive BodyMedia Screen Shot. I'm okay with the lack of burn and I'm okay with the lack of total activity minutes and the lack of vigorous activity minutes. Okay, maybe I'm not! I am looking forward to doing my Hybrid routine though so I can get some decent calorie burn going on! 

Want to Learn More? Watch the video

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