Monday, September 22, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 22

Day 22: Sweat

I just did Sweat on Saturday and I was sore from my hike on Sunday, so I was so not in the mood to do Sweat again today! I'm not really looking forward to this week at all! Sweat, Core (or hard core on the floor) Buns, Drench, Rest, Strength Intervals and Sweat again! I'll probably switch out the rest day so I can have a rest day on the weekend though. I'm getting better at this stuff, but I still suck at it. 

My calves were pretty sore this morning when I woke up, but I didn't really feel it during the workout. I was able to come down a little further on the push ups when I chose to do them on my toes. When I did them on my knees, they were a little easier to do going all the way to the floor. I'm not good with the tricep push ups, but I'm trying to stick with it. I was horrible at wide hand push ups when I started Les Mills Combat, but after 60 Days, I felt confident enough to try one on my toes. I failed miserably, but I felt confident enough to try.

I gave up less in this workout than in previous attempts at it. The Split Down Dog is still hard though since my fingers slip on the mat. If I use my weight lifting gloves, the gloves cause pain between my fingers. I'm getting some yoga gloves from Amazon, but they won't be here until Thursday I think. The program will be almost half over by then. I'm still going to get the gloves though so I can't use painful hands as an excuse to bail on the moves. I still like to do the Split Down Dog into the Plank while touching ankles. I still can't bring the knee forward and out to the side while doing it though. 

I did a lot better on the Warrior Series. My Warrior 3 is looking better, or at least I feel like I'm wobbling less. I still have some difficulty going from low lunge to the knee lift thing and I just can't do runner's stretch. I give it my best, but it just doesn't happen. This workout certainly makes me sweat! 

I still don't like the squat segment that includes burpees. All of those deep sumo squats without coming up all the way are torture! I'm getting stronger in this segment though. I didn't do the hop, but I didn't give up on the squats either. In previous workouts I've needed to take a break from the squats. I came up a few times, but I kept squatting. I didn't walk around and get water. My burpees are not nearly as fast as hers, and I'm okay with it. One day, I'll find the right size sports bra for me and I'll go crazy on those burpees. Until then, I'm taking them slowly. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Another sad showing on the BodyMedia Screen Shot. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm getting stronger muscles under all that fat. I might not be burning crazy calories during the workout, but I have to be burning them after the workout! 

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