Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review of Beachbody PiYo Day 16

Day 16: Buns

I've been looking forward to and dreading this workout all at the same time. If Sweat required two rest days to recover due to my hamstring soreness, what would happen when doing a workout designed specifically for the buns. Oh my oh my. I'm afraid to wake up tomorrow. My buns are going to hurt! I'm going to need a handicap bar to use the toilet! 

This was my first time doing this workout. Here is the play by play.

It starts off with a 10 second Shakeology commercial. This gets a bit annoying. Then we get the screen telling us that we should have water and a towel. This one didn't say that I should have a mat. This gave me the false hope that we wouldn't be on our hands and knees doing leg extension stuff.

The workout is just over 28 minutes. It starts with a warm up that's just under 4 minutes. It's pretty much the same warm up in all of the workouts. We start off doing squats while circling our arms. We also reach up and over with each arm. Then we start with the lunges. The lunges in this are so much better than the lunges in Les Mills Combat. We didn't do many lunges in a row. She rotated us through the arm circles, the up and over and the lunges a few times. Then we went into the PiYo Cross. I'm getting a lot better at this thing. We did the whole series again including the PiYo Cross. Then we did some fanning up and folding and half lifting. Then the knee bending thing. Then we did the whole thing again. We did a hamstring stretch before moving on to the next segment. 

(As I'm sitting here writing this, my left hamstring has a muscle twitch in it. Oh this is going to be bad.)

The next segment was just over 8 minutes. We did narrow squats. We started off doing normal squats going down and up. Then we did three pulses down and then we came up to a 3/4 stance. Then we did three pules and tapped one leg back as we tapped the floor in front with our hand. Oh the next thing taxed my brain. We stepped forward then to the side then back to the side and then back. We did that a few times. Then more squats with some floor tapping with the hands. We did the whole thing again starting with the squats, but we moved the opposite leg around. We did the whole thing again on the first leg. I learned eventually that the lunge thing was a clockwork lunge. Then we did burpees! More squats with the pulsing thing. She was really good about discussing form. It's very helpful for me that she does that. After the burpees we switched sides again. I really wish there were no burpees in this. Wide squats! There was pulsing involved in this round of squats too. This whole segment was torture! Then we did bowling lunges. Those were fun! NOT! More clockwork lunges. It was nice having different types of lunges, but it was so hard to get through this. More burpees. More wide squats. More pulsing squats. More bowling lunges. More clockwork lunges! More burpees! I realized that I didn't do her burpees right. I didn't do the jumping jack part and I didn't really do the jumping wide part. We did some hamstring stretching to finish the segment. 

The next segment was just under 5 minutes. It started with backward lunges going pretty slow. She talked about going far back to make it easier on the knee but not go very low. I really like her talks about form. Then we did more bowling lunges. Then regular lunges with some pulsing at the bottom. We went back to bowlers with a three pulse count. We went back to the back lunges with the three pulse and put our arms out to the side. As we came up, we raised our knee and our arms. More bowlers. Then we did alternating bowlers. Wide squats! We really bounced from one move to the next. We did it all at least once on each side. This segment was hard! Then we did bowlers and raised our knee up. More alternating bowlers. We did some wide sumo squats. I usually like this, but she makes them so much harder than I remember. 

The next segment was 7 and a half minutes. We got down on the ground. She used a towel under her knees. We started off on all fours. We stretched our leg back and then brought it over to the side and then back and then tucked it in. Then we put it straight out and circled it around. Then we kept it straight back and lifted it up and then tapped the toe down. We did that for a little bit. Then we went down onto our elbows. We pulled the knee to the chest and then pushed it up to the sky. We did a couple sets of these. Then we were in an elbow plank position. I hate elbow planks! Then we did a leg lift with a toe tap in elbow plank. I couldn't do it.  I put a knee down. Then we went to Pigeon pose. I like Pigeon! Then we sat down on our butt. We put one foot up over the opposite knee and did a Bridge. We didn't hold still with it though. We went up and down. Then we put our toes up and stretched out our foot a little further which made it harder! Then we pulled our knees to our chest and did some circles. We did the whole thing over on the other leg. I didn't do every rep in this segment. Well, I really did do every rep in any segment. This thing whole workout was pretty much torture for me. Good torture, but still torture. I'm sure I'll grow to love this workout, but right now, I'm cursing it. 

The last segment was just under 3 minutes and it was all about stretching. She talked a lot too. 

Tomorrow is Core! I'm not really sure how that's going to go for me because my legs are going to be in sooooooo much pain! I think Buns is going to be the workout that I count down the number of days until I do it again and the number of days that are left with it. I don't do this one again until Wednesday of next week. It's in each week until the end of the program, but it's never in any given week more than once. I can't imagine why! It's going to take me a week to recover. I get one more new workout this week! Strength Intervals is the Saturday workout, but I'll be doing it on Friday so I get my rest day on the weekend. 

BodyMedia Screen Shot

I thought that I had hit start, but I didn't! I don't have a screen shot of the workout once again. Although, I'm not so sure I care because it's so not motivating to see such low numbers. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the video

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