Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pineapple Spinach Cucumber Juice

It was time to get back to juice

I stopped juicing for a couple of weeks. I did it for several reasons. I was bored with the flavor and didn't have time to research a new flavor, I was tired of dealing with cleaning the juicer every night, and I just wanted to change up my diet. I like to keep my body guessing so I have to change up what I eat periodically. I don't change it as often as I should though. I probably am about due to swap out the hard boiled eggs for a different breakfast, but sometimes it's easier to stick with what I know than it is to find time to come up with another idea. 

Okay so the new juice.....I wanted to keep the spinach and the cucumber in it. I wanted to switch the fruit out and try something new thinking that the fruit would give it a new flavor. I ditched the pear from my Spinach, Celery, Cucumber and Pear juice, and added the pineapple. My husband and I talked about what to use to replace the pear and he came up with pineapple. I had planned on keeping the celery in the juice, but I apparently had no celery. I thought I did so I didn't buy any. The juice became Pineapple, Spinach and Cucumber. The first time I made it, I was less than impressed. I had also skipped the lemon from the original juice because I thought the pineapple would have enough citrus to it. I was wrong! The second time I did it, I used the lemon. Adding lemon brought out the pineapple flavor. I find that incredibly odd, but that's what happened. 

Okay so I used 1/2 a cucumber, 1/5 of a smallish pineapple, four large handfuls of spinach and half of a lemon. The lemon is squeezed into the juice after it's done. That was the successful concoction. I've made it twice more with those ingredients and it has been good each time. I have to make sure that I skim off all of the frothy stuff on top because the texture of it really bothers me. I make faces and can't finish it. I also have to watch out for the lemon seeds because I don't want to eat those. 

I'm looking forward to finding more green juices! I'm shying away from doing anything other than spinach until I get some bloodwork done. I have 9 out of 10 symptoms of low thyroidism and a lot of those greens are said to reduce thyroid production. If I have a thyroid problem, I certainly don't want to make it worse by drinking a bunch of broccoli, but as soon as the doctor says my thyroid is fine, I'm all over that broccoli juice. 

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