Sunday, July 3, 2016

C25K Couch to 5K Round 2 Week 6 Day 1

I'm getting closer to getting caught up so I'm back on a Monday is Day 1 of  week thing. I'm going to take Monday off so hubby and I can go for a hike on the holiday. I was thinking that today was going to be walk for 5, run for 10, walk for 5, run for 10, walk for 5, but it was run for 5, walk for 3, just for 8, walk for 3, jog for 5, walk for 5. I was kinda looking forward to only having two running segments. Having the third one in there kinda messed with my brain. The cold weather messed with my lungs. OMG! It was soooooooooooooo cold! I could barely breathe in my first running segment. by the end, my breathing was horrible. When I got home, I was talking to hubby and I could barely finish a sentence without coughing. It was horrible and remained that way for most of the day. My body felt fine during the run other than my lungs. I did the faster pace at the end of the runs again. I did it last year, so I should do it this year. I'm hoping it helps me improve my horribly slow pace.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

My heart rate screen shot is a mess. It really annoys me when it gets like this. Maybe it's time to tighten the strap again or pay closer attention to which bra I'm wearing when it happens like this. 

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