Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review of Beachbody Les Mills Combat Kick Start

Les Mills Combat Kick Start

It's actually been a couple weeks since I did this workout, but I've been so busy with editing that I haven't done much blogging. I need to rectify that because I've noticed that my desire to workout goes way down when I have no time to blog about my workouts. I fear that I'm on a slippery slope. I'm not losing any weight and that makes me sad. I haven't been on point with my nutrition because it's like why bother since I wasn't losing weight anyway. I decided to do this workout because I was in one of my soul searching moods and wanted to go back to a time where I was actually losing weight. I wasn't in the mood for a Leslie Sansone workout, so I popped in the first Les Mills Combat workout. It was a 30 minute martial arts style workout. I love martial arts workouts! I really enjoyed doing Les Mills Combat. Wow that was like two years ago next month! Holy Cow! I did the full round of Les Mills Combat starting in June of 2014. I also did a mini round of it. This time around, I just did the one workout. 

I just re-read my post after the first time I did Kick Start. It was interesting to read. I wrote the post the day I did the workout though, so there are no comments about if I was sore the next day. I speculated that I would be, but I'm not sure if it happened. The day after doing it this time around, my upper back was killing me! My legs and arms didn't hurt at all, but my upper back hurt for a couple days. I was pretty surprised by that. I remember having some strange spots of soreness behind my shoulder blades the first time I did the 45 minute Les Mills Combat workout, but I didn't remember any upper back pain from the 30 minute one. I was punching with all I had this time around though so maybe that was it. I usually have a hard time getting DOMS in my back, but give me a 30 minute combat workout and here comes the DOMS. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I discovered that I did this workout on May 11th! I can't believe I haven't gotten around to blogging about it until now! I'm such a slacker. Well, not really, but I've been crazy busy with my editing gig so really haven't had any time at all to do blogging. Here are the screen shots from the workout.

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