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Review of Beachbody Cize The Next Level: Own Every Move

Cize The Next Level: Own Every Move

So Beachbody did something pretty amazing! They gave a free gift to everyone who bought Cize. The only requirement was that you be a Premium Club Member to get the free gift because the gift is a set of workouts you can only get through the On Demand thing with Beachbody. For anyone who bought Cize at any point, you get free routines! That's pretty amazing. They could have charged extra for you to unlock these, but they gave them away for free! Work Your Body was the first one released several months ago, but there are four others (or maybe it was five) that were released more recently. Own Every Move is one of them! 

The Routine 

When I did Work Your Body, I did a bit of a play by play for the routine, but I can't really do that for this one because I don't really remember it well enough. I went through the Cize It Up round to get the names of the moves, but I still don't really remember them. I have to admit that I did not really enjoy this routine. I didn't really enjoy Work Your Body all that much either. I did appreciate that Own Every Move was more like the original Cize routines though. I felt like he went a little slower with the instructional section, but the moves were just too challenging for me. I couldn't seem to get my limbs going in the right directions and I never felt like I was dancing. 

This one had six different moves and all of them were compound moves so no learning a couple counts and then repeating it for the full 8 count. Nope. None of that in this one. That's fine though. Not everyone is as challenged as me and if they were all just a repeating 2 or 4 count for the full 8 count, other people would be bored. I'll probably try these again, but maybe not just yet. I think at some point, I'll do like a mini round of the full Cize program and then wrap it up with going through these again in a similar manner to the regular program where you alternate two workouts for a week and then move on to the next two and so on and then the final week you just do each one once. That seemed to make things click for me with some of the original routines.

Okay so the names of the different moves.......

Chug Pas De Bourree - I did okay with this until we added the arms and then I just lost it and couldn't get it back. I need to remember to just skip my arms.

Roll Knee Pop Throw - I actually did okay with this one. I like the knee pop stuff. We've done it in other routines.

Sweep Cha Cha Cha -  I love the cha cha cha stuff. I can handle Cha Cha Cha stuff. I didn't do so well with the sweep part of this though. 

Ball Change Elbow - I honestly can't even remember what this move was about! I just watched it too. 

Drive Sgl Sgl Dbl - We did a move called Drive the Car in a previous routine. This one wasn't really like that one, but we did put our arms up like we were driving and then did a bit of a cha cha cha thing again. 

The final move was the Point Away Grapevine - There was a bit of a cha cha cha while we pointed our hands to the side and then did a Grapevine forward. I don't do grapevines forward very well, but I'm working on it.

Overall, this was a challenging workout for me. I didn't really enjoy it much, but if you go back and read previous Cize posts from me, you'll see that I don't typically like a new routine. I loved the second workout in the original program my first try, but that was about it. I ended up loving the first routine, but the first time I did it, I didn't love it. I really didn't enjoy ether of the workouts from the second week, but I did like the workouts from the third week, but I was still baffled and challenged the first time around. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots. I got a decent calorie burn even though it wasn't that strenuous for me. I'm happy with that. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

If you decide to buy Cize, make sure you buy it from a Beachbody Coach so you can get the best price and the FREE workout! If you don't have a coach, you can sign up to get me as your coach! Shipping is about half the price through a coach and you get all of the same workouts that you'd get through the infomercial plus an extra one that you can't get through the infomercial. 

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