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Review of Beachbody Cize: The end of Exercize: On Demand Exclusive Work Your Body

Cize: On Demand Exclusive: Work Your Body

I'm back at Cize again! I did Cize way back in October. I then did a mini round in December. I loved the program my first time around. I fell in love with Cize when I did my first workout as a sneak peak on Beachbody On Demand. I just had to get the program when it came out. I had already done Rockin' Body and wanted to put my new found confidence to work. I know I was only dancing in my workout room and no one saw me, but it still takes a degree of confidence to actually do this stuff. I wanted to challenge myself to do something outside of my comfort zone and I definitely did. At the end, I even posted videos of me doing the different routines. I still can't believe I actually posted those on here. I cringe thinking that people will see them, but it was important to me at the time to encourage other big people to try something new and challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zones. I'm rambling again. I do that a lot.

Okay so Beachbody has this On Demand workout streaming thing and if you buy the Cize program, you get these On Demand exclusive workouts which is totally amazing! Some people are upset because they don't have the ability to stream and these workouts can't be purchased as DVDs, but let's face it people, life isn't fair and not everyone can have everything. This is a nice perk for the people who bought the DVDs and who can stream. Sorry if I sound harsh. Anyway......This was the first of the free workouts and it came out a few months before the latest batch of free workouts. I kept meaning to try this one sooner, but I was always in the middle of a program. I finally got around to doing it yesterday morning.

The Routine:

This one has Chili from TLC in it. She did the music for it too. I think she wrote the song for this, but I couldn't really tell. So this one is similar to the first Cize routine. Oh and we're supposed to call it a routine instead of a workout since this is The End of Exercize and all. I still call it a workout. He does in this workout, but then he corrects himself and calls it a routine. Okay so similar to the first Cize routine in the sense that it's very simple moves and you repeat them for the full eight count. Some of them are variations on moves in previous routines. 

There are 8 moves in this one. The Cize It Up section of this one is different though because you don't do the routine the same way. For example, in the first Cize workout, we did 8 moves for 8 counts each and we did the whole routine three or four times just like that in the Cize It Up section. With Move Your Body, we still did the routine three times in the Cize It Up section, but the first time we did three counts of 8 per move, the second time was two counts of 8 and the third was just the one count of 8.

The 8 moves are fairly simple and all have cute names. They are Hook Groove, Skate, Point Away, Cross Low Cha Cha Cha, Booty Back Whip, Step Ball Change, African Chug and Man Up. The names don't really clue you in much to what you'll be doing if you've never done it, but once you know the moves, seeing the names on the screen or hearing him call out the names helps to know what you're doing next if you're like me and can't remember the order all the time.

The first move was simple enough for me to handle. We just did a side to side toe tap thing, but the first two times the foot went back and the second two it went front. We did a simple arm move along with it. When the foot was back, our arms were low doing a hook and when the foot was forward, our arms with up in the air doing a bit of a punching move. I got my foot forward when it should have been back and back when it should have been forward a few times, but for the most part, I was able to do this one just fine.

The second move was a bit of a disaster for me. I feel like the learning section on this one went from super simple to me tripping over myself pretty quickly. He started out great, but I feel like we threw in the arm movements before I really grasped the foot movements and then I just lost it. I pretty much just walked backwards with my hands in the air and then walked forward with my hands down low flapping around every time this one came up. I was a bit disgusted with myself. I was also pretty bummed because I loved Cize the first time around and I felt like a wreck with this. I had to remind myself that while I loved Cize the first time around, I still pretty much sucked at it in the beginning of each workout so I can't just bail on this because I got hung up on the first time doing it. 

The third move was a basic sideways cha cha cha step while we pointed our hands. It felt a bit like one of the moves in Rockin Body during the Disco Groove routine. I looked like a bit of a train wreck though. I couldn't seem to move in the correct direction and point in the correct direction at the same time. I could handle one or the other, but not both. This is another one that I feel like I could have used a little bit more instruction on, but other people might have gotten bored. I guess I just need to do it again and see.

The Cross Low Cha Cha Cha was a bit weird for me. I was a bit behind for most of it because I felt like we needed to hit each move, but they sort of just flowed through it so I kept losing nano seconds that added up to me being behind. So we sort of bend over and pointed each hand towards the ground and then we stood back up to cha cha cha. All of this footwork got my heart rate up. Most of the beginning moves were like that.

Then we moved on to the Booty Back Whip. I didn't really do well with this one. It's simple, but I made it complicated. We did this hip thrust thing on each side and then did this arm whip thing. The good news was that it didn't have any cha cha cha steps in it so I got a chance to rest during this one.

Then we moved on to Step Ball Change which was basically the cross step, but with a ball change thing in it that I just didn't seem to grasp so I just didn't do it. I did the cross step the whole time. It's hard to explain, but you step your left foot across your right.Then your right goes out to the right steps down and then steps across the left. Then the left goes out to the left and then across the right. You do that as you go forward. I ran out of room during the Cize It Up section since we did three 8 counts of this move! 

Then we moved on to the African Chug. I gotta say that this could have been my favorite move. I love the African dancing when I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I'm sure I didn't look as good as they do when they do it, but it's just a fun move. It's another one that is hard to describe. You kind of alternate stomping out to the side and then your arms go to the same side as the stomping leg, but you're facing away from the stomping and the arms. It's fun! I liked it!

Then we moved on to Man Up. This was similar to The Manny in one of the original Cize workouts. With the Manny, we stayed in one spot, buth with Man Up, we moved forward a bit as we did it. So we sort of alternated stomping down with our feet as we stepped it slightly forward. Our hands started in fists at our hips and then they went up and down to the beat. The Manny was a move struggled with, but this seemed easier. I'm not sure if it's because I eventually figured out the Manny or if this was just easier. I'm not sure, but it was the last move!

The On Demand app on the Roku is a bit annoying because you have to scroll though all of the workouts to get to the one you want and my Roku is painfully slow in the workout room. It doesn't help that each routine has the full routine, the reverse angle, the Cize It Up round and the cool down. Plus each "DVD" has the ab workout so the ab workout is on the On Demand List after every other workout. It's so annoying! 

I had fun. I'll do it again, but maybe not until after I do the others. 

Polar M400

Here are the screen shots. You can tell when we took the water break!

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