Sunday, May 29, 2016

Zen Labs C25K Couch to 5K Round 2 Week 1 Day 2

I surprised myself and managed to get up for Week 1 Day 2 of C25K. The surprising part was that I went for my run without the cover of darkness. I usually just run in the dark, but I got to sleep in on Wednesday! It didn't stop me from going for a run though. People actually saw me too. Not just the cars going by, but other people on the path! I only ran into two people, but both times were during running intervals. The second time was while I was on my last running interval so I was trying to go as fast as I could! Oh he looked scared for me! He looked scared for himself too like if she falls down, am I gonna have to give her mouth to mouth? I didn't fall down though.

I ran on the sidewalk again. It's funny that I call it the sidewalk in this post, but I called it the path while I was talking to my hubby. He's like what path are you talking about? I'm like the one on the side of the road. He's like are you talking about the sidewalk? I'm like no. The path. It runs along the road, but it's not a sidewalk. Sidewalks are different. This is like asphalt and not like concrete sidewalk with a curb and everything. He thinks I'm crazy, but he knew I was nuts when he married me. I'm pretty sure he met my mother and my grandmother before he married me which means even if I wasn't nuts when I met him, he knew that with age, I too would be nuts. It's his own fault for marrying m. He's not getting out of it now.

Okay, back on track! I ramble a lot. So I ran on the sidewalk or the asphalt walking path next to the road. Whatever you want to call it. So last year when I did C25K, I mainly ran on the track because running on the hard surfaces of the path/sidewalk, made my legs hurt way worse than running on the track. I seem to be stronger now though because I'm not in pain while I'm running on the sidewalk/path. After day 1, my abs were a bit sore, but that was about it. I was surprised that my glues, hamstrings and calves weren't sore, but they weren't! Nothing was really sore after day 2. Again, I was pretty surprised by that. I'm getting so much stronger! It's good to go back and repeat programs that you've done in the past so you can compare how far you've come. To do that though, you need to keep track of things when you're doing it. Don't rely on your memory. That's why I love the blog. I can go back and check out how I felt after just about every workout that I've ever done. I have skipped a couple, but I've blogged about most of them.

My breathing wasn't bad at all after this one. I hardly coughed while I was doing this workout too. It was kinda nice. I felt pretty good about myself after this one. By the time I got back to he house, I was so ready to be done though. I was getting tired and hungry.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots. There's an extra picture today. They changed these ups so I can show the heart rate chart and the speed chart separately. I kinda liked it when they were together though so you could see how the speed impacted my heart rate, but I didn't make the decision to change it. See that big spike before the cooldown? That's my big burst of speed! I hit a pace of for a 10:23 mile. That's the fastest I've ever gone I think. I know last year, I hit an 11.xx minute mile pace for about 10 second. I can't remember what the seconds were, but I know it was in the 11 minute range. I don't think I ever hit 10 minute range. I'm dying to hit below 10 minute even if it's just for a short period! I'm not sure why it's a big deal to me, but it is. Sort of like I'm dying to do a full push up on my toes. I'll probably hit a sub 10 minute mile pace before I get that push up down. :) 

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