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Review of Beachbody Les Mills Pump: Pump and Burn

Les Mills Pump: Pump and Burn

Last Sunday, I did Les Mills Pump for the first time. The first workout is call Pump Challenge. It didn't feel like a much of a challenge while I was doing it other than the section that made my legs shake like crazy! However, my legs were killing me for about three days! It was pretty surprising to me because I hadn't felt that kind of DOMS in a long time. I didn't feel it with 10 Minute Trainer. I didn't feel it with the week and a half of Hammer and Chisel. I felt it a bit in 21 Day Fix Exteme I think, but not nearly as intensely as this. 

Since I'm supposed to do strength training once per week with the Wild Movement plan, I decided to make Sundays my strength training day. I thought about doing the same workout as last Sunday just to see if I improved or if it would hurt for three days again, but I wanted to try something new. I decided to do the second workout in the program. It's called Pump and Burn. I'm glad I decided to do this one because there were NO LUNGES! Any workout without lunges is a good workout in my book!

This was another one that was deceptively hard. The moves are very simple. We went pretty slow for most of them too. I was able to keep up the same pace as the people in the workout, and that's not normal for me. However, after the first track, my legs were already shaking! Towards the end, I got a little bummed because we hadn't done anything for the biceps, but now that I'm sitting here typing this, my biceps are shaking. I honestly haven't felt like this since I was going to the gym and lifting some serious weights, but all I had were five and 10 pound plates on my barbell. This is a small barbell too. It's not the 45 pound bars that you get at the gym. This thing is just a couple pounds. This Rep Effect that they talk about is the real deal. I'm just bummed that I didn't buy the upgraded DVDs before they discontinued this program. Maybe I'll find them on eBay or something because I really like these. I might even like them better than Body Beast. I'll have to get further into it to really decide that though. I'm rambling again as always.

The Workout

This was about 35 minutes long. They said it was 30, but it was just under 35 according to my Polar M400. There were several instructors on the stage and then there was an audience of people doing the workout. This was a bit weird because it was like a life workout, but it was filmed like a studio workout. It wasn't as weird as the Rockin' Body set up though where it was like people were at a concert, but the people on stage were working out. 

Track 1

The first track was kind of a warm up track, but it was also WORK! He said to use a light weight for the first track. I used 5 pounds. We started out with deadlifts with a 4/4 count for one and then went to 2/2 count. Then we did a 3/1 count. This section was just under 4 minutes. I forgot to mention that before. Then we did a deadrow for a 2/2 count. We went down for two did a row and then back up. Then we did singles. Then we did triple rows. I really like this. Then we got the bar up over our shoulders and did a 2/2 count on some squats. Then we did a 3/1 count. Then we did Singles. Their singles are pretty slow which is cool cuz I can keep up. Then we got the bar in front for a slow deadlift and then more deadlifts with a row and then the triple row. During this segment I was a bit bummed that it seemed like this workout was just going to be the same as the last one, but that didn't last.

Track 2

She suggested adding more weight, so I went with 10 pounds. This was the Squat section. I like squats. We got the bar up on our shoulders and started out with a 4/4 count on squats. She started out going halfway down, but I think I went all the way down because my all the way down is halfway down. Then we did a 3/1 count. Then a 2/2 count. Then we went back to a 4/4 count. Then back to 3/1 count. Then we did singles! I was able to keep up with the singles! Woot Woot. Then we did bottom halves. We stayed down for one and then all the way up. Then we did four bottom halves and back up. Those get hard! Then we came up and got our feet our wider and did singles. Then more bottom halves. Then singles again. Then more bottom halves! Then we took a couple seconds break with one minute left in the track. We hammered out some singles and more bottom halves. Then more singles. Then more bottom halves! One last 4/4 rep. My legs were shaking so bad at the end of this track! It was a good song too which made it go easier! My shoulders didn't really feel sore during this track, but when I pulled the bar up and over, I really felt it in my shoulders! All they did was hold the bar in place, but it was crazy how they felt after the track. 

Track 3

I went back down to the five pound weights with this track. It was the chest track. I think I just did the bar last week for the chest track. I did this one on my bench instead of the floor like them. This track was just under 5 minutes. We started with chest presses with a 4/4 count. This started out not so bad, but this track seemed to take forever! Then we went to a 2/2 count. Then a 3/1 count. Then we did Singles! I was able to keep up with these. Then we did bottom halves. Oh these are torture! Then back to a 2/2 count. Back to 3/1 count. More singles. By about this time, I think I wanted to die. More bottom halves. This was pretty brutal at this point. Then we did 4/4 and I really wanted to die. Then we went down and held it for two and took two counts to go up. Killer! More bottom halves and I wanted to quit! Then we did singles. We still had a minute to go at this point and I thought I could do it! He gave us a break. Woot woot! Then we did more down and hold and up for two. It was much easier after the break. Then we did more bottom halves. These just suck! I got through it though. Then we did singles for 20 seconds. I made it through this track, but just barely! 

Track 4

This track was legs and back. I went to the 10 pound weights, but then we started doing the clean and press, but I knew I couldn't handle a whole track like that, so I went down to the five pound weights and was glad that I did it. This track was just under 5 minutes. We did deadlifts for a 2/2 count. Then a 3/1 count. Then we did some clean and press and came down to a triple row. This made my brain hurt because it was so much movement. I'm pretty sure I did some of it wrong. More deadlifts with a 2/2 count and then 3/1 count. Then we put our hands wider for some single rows. Then we did some triple rows. I really liked this track because I love rows! I worked on really using my back for the rows. I think it worked. We got a break just under 2 minutes to go. More clean and press with the triple rows. We got another break with just a under a minute to go in the track. We went wider with the grip and did single rows. We did triple rows and then five rows. 

Track 5 

This was the last working track. The song was Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. This track used a plate for the weight, but not the bar. I used the five pound plate. We were on our backs with our feet up in the air and a 90 degree angle at the feet. The weight was held in our hands right above our head. That was scary. We alternating touching a foot down on the floor. We did it really slowly. After a few reps, we added our hands into the mix and brought the weight down the floor behind our heads as we continued to alternate touching the feet down. Then we did crunches with our feet on the floor. The weight was supposed to be right in front of the forehead. Then we did the alternating foot thing with the weight going up over the head. These were so slow, I was able to keep up. I totally felt them too! Then we did more crunches and then more alternating foot thing and then more crunching. Then we did a plank series. I had a hard time with this one because I couldn't figure out what they were doing. He started out on his knees, but then he was talking about touching his toe out to the side. I stayed on my knee, but then step the other foot out. I mentioned earlier in the post that I had been bummed about not working my biceps, well this is the track that fried out my biceps. We'll see if they hurt tomorrow, but they were shaking right after this track. I didn't think working my abs could work my biceps, but holding that plate up really worked my biceps. 

Track 6

This was the stretching track. It was about four and a half minutes. We started out just laying on our backs. then we pulled a knee in and did a torso twist. We did each side for a few seconds. Then we extended a leg up straight to the ceiling and pulled the leg in. We did each side for a few seconds. Then we did a hip stretch with the foot up on the opposite knee. We did each side for a few seconds and then rolled over and did a stretch for the side which was similar to child's pose, but different. Then we got on one knee and one foot and stretched out and did a turn. we did each side for a few seconds. Then we did a quad stretch standing up. I had my hand on the wall for balance. Then we did id IT Band stretch. So the foot were crossed and we stretched one hand up and over. We did each side for a few seconds. My balance sucks for these. 

Overall, I really liked this workout. I might not be able to walk tomorrow, but I'm okay with that. I do have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow though so I hope I can at least hobble around to make it to that appointment. I really should go for a walk tomorrow too, but I didn't take a rest day this past week, so maybe I'll take a rest day tomorrow! I feel guilty taking rest days. Right now I'm doing the Wild Movement 7 Minute HIIT workout one day, doing one day of strength training and walking the rest of the days. I feel like if all I'm doing is going for a walk, it's not like I really need a rest day right? 

Polar M400 Screen Shots 

They changed the design of the app and I'm still getting used to it. It's kind of weird. It does look a little schnazzier, but I'm not much of a schanzzy kind of person. My heart rate was all over the place. The strap has felt a bit loose lately, so I tightened it up. We'll see if that helps. One day, maybe I'll get that bra that has the spot to hold the heart rate monitor. Maybe that will help my problems! Until then, I'll just deal with messed up heart rate monitor screen shots.

I love that it says, "Very nice session for your recovery. Light exercise like this allows your body to adapt to your training." Light exercise? I don't think so! My legs were shaking! my arms were shaking! This this was crazy hard! It was NOT light! 

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

You can't buy this from Beachbody anymore, but you can still buy it from ebay so if you want to learn more about it, just check out the video that still exists even though you can't buy it. 

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