Sunday, January 24, 2016

Review of Beachbody 10 Minute Trainer Day 10: Upper Body, Total Body, Yoga Flex

Day 10:

Day 10 was Upper Body, Total Body and Yoga Flex. This made me wicked happy. I didn't have to do Cardio or Core Cardio. It's a rare day that I don't do either of those workouts. I'm not hating on those workouts, but they are in the program a lot. I love the concept of these 10 minute workouts, but when you only get 8 of them, they become a bit repetitive. My posts become a bit repetitive as I talk about the workouts being repetitive. 

Upper Body

I really like this one. It's just Tony and the door in this one. Some of the moves are hard! I need to work on getting deeper into my lunge positions so I can work on my legs more while I'm doing the upper body stuff, but for now, it's hard enough to do the upper body stuff. Oddly enough my biceps and triceps haven't been sore after any of these upper body workouts. They hurt while doing the moves, but no DOMS for me in terms of biceps and triceps. I'm not really sure what's up with that.

Total Body

We used the resistance band for this one, but we didn't use the door attachment for this one. I like this one partly because we don't do it very much. This one has burpees though and I hate burpees! It also has push ups which I'm getting a lot better at. I'm getting pretty close to being able to do a full push up. I can do a couple up on my toes, but my range of motion isn't what it needs to be. I'm still a couple inches up off the floor. I should have hubby take a picture of my so I can see where I'm really at. Maybe I'm further than I think. There is one move in here that I dislike more than the burpees! We go into a lunge position with the band under our front foot. We then move forward and then back and then up and then down. At some point in there, we did a shoulder press. The shoulder press is super hard! My shoulders are so wimpy! 

Yoga Flex

I really like the Yoga Flex workout. I could use a longer yoga workout though. I love how I feel when I'm done with yoga. I feel taller and stretched out. This one's great because it doesn't have any moves that are too hard for a big girl with bad balance. I love that there's nothing like Warrior 3 or Tree or Royal Dancer! 

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

If you want to learn more about the program, check out the video. If you decide you want to buy it, make sure you buy it from a Beachbody Coach so you get the free workout that comes with it. If you don't have a coach, you can get it from me. You can do the program for free if you sign up for the free trial of the Club Membership at Team Beachbody. With the trial, you get 30 days access to all of the workout programs in the Member Library of On Demand. 10 Minute Trainer is one of the programs and since it's a 4 week program, you can complete the program before the trial is complete.

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