Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review of Beachbody 10 Minute Trainer Day 2: Total Body, Cardio, Core Cardio

Day 2: 

Yesterday was day 2 of 10 Minute Trainer. I'm doing the Stackable 10, so I do three 10 minute workouts a day. I do them all at the same time since my workout time is early in the morning. Day 2 had two of the same workouts as Day 1 of 10 Minute Trainer plus one workout that I hadn't done before. 

The Workouts

Total Body

This one was another one with just Tony and one other person. This one also used the resistance band, but we didn't use it in the door attachment

Chuck Ups

I'm not sure why these are called Chuck Ups. We did push ups with three different hand positions. The first was directly under the shoulders with the hands facing out. We did them slow and had a pause at the top and bottom. Then we did them with our hands facing in a little bit. Then we did them with our fingers forward and our hands out wider than the shoulders. I had to do these on my knees.

Switch Twist Lawn Mower

We were in a lunge position with the band under the forward foot. We did rows. We alternated having our hand straight or turned at a 90 degree angle. After 30 seconds, we switched arms. 

Corkscrew Military Press

We stood on one foot and balanced the other a few inches off the ground. That one foot was standing on the band and we did a Military Press up over our heads. I'm not sure what the corkscrew part of this was though. After 30 seconds, we switched feet and stood on the opposite one. I did okay with my right leg planted, but I was wobbly with the left planted.

Crazy Eights

I'm not sure how this got it's name. We stood on the band with both feet. We held one hand up so our elbow was at a 90 degree angle. While we did that, the other hand did 8 bicep curls. After 8 reps, we switched hands. He had us do a few sets fast as we went on into the minute.

Tricep Kickback Throws

We were in a lunge position with the front foot on the band. We did tricep kick backs. After 15 seconds, we switched position so back leg was on the band and we did tricep extensions up over our heads. He calls them Throws, but he has weird names for things. Every 15 seconds we alternated.

Band Crunch

We wrapped the band around our feet. We were on the floor and had our feet out a bit wide. We held the handles near our knees. We then laid back into the floor and then came up into a crunch. These were the same move for the full 60 seconds. They were challenging for me.


We didn't use the bands for this one. We put our hands up over our heads and then did a circle with our upper body. This was supposed to be an ab exercise. After 30 seconds, we went the other direction.

Rocking Iso Lunge

We were in a lunge position with the band under the front foot. We rocked forward, backward, up and down and then did a shoulder press. These were awkward for me, but I got through them without having to pull out of the lunge. After 30 seconds, we switched which foot was forward.

Deep Seats

We did squats with three different foot positions. Both feet were on the bands and we held the handles at our shoulders. The first 20 seconds was with narrow feet. Then we did hip width. Then sumo squats. With the sumo squats, our hands were at hour hips. These were easy enough.

Carlito Push ups

I'm not sure where these got their name from. We built up to a burpee. We started out with modified ones were we stepped back instead of jumping back. Then we added the push up and then we added the jump. 


The second workout of the day was Cardio. I won't do a play by play on here since I did that on my post from Day 1 of 10 Minute Trainer. There's not much to say about cardio. I used my belt again with the door attachment. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about doing the same workout two days in a row, but I didn't remember most of it and there wasn't anything that was so horrible that I dreaded doing it. 

Core Cardio

Core Cardio was the third of the 10 minute workouts of the day. I did this one on Day 1 of 10 Minute Trainer. Feel free to check out that post if you want to know which moves are in the workout. I used the belt for this one as well. I didn't really remember much of this one either, so it wasn't that bad doing the same workout two days in a row. 

Overall Thoughts

I'm glad that I decided to do this instead of going back to Hammer & Chisel after I got sick. I'm not trashing on Hammer & Chisel. I think it's an amazing program, and I will go back to it in time, but right now, I'm happy that I'm doing 10 Minute Trainer. I've wanted to do this program for awhile and it's very doable for me at 266 pounds. I do have to modify some stuff, but it's not a ton of stuff and it's not major modifications. I'm really enjoying this program! 

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

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