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Cize Mini Round Day 6: Livin' in the 8s

Day 6: Livin' in the 8s 

Day 6 was my final day of my Cize mini round! I survived and I made a video of me Cizing it up for each workout. That was way outside of my comfort zone. I almost didn't post he videos because I don't look at all how I feel while doing them. I feel like I'm actually dancing while I Cize It Up, but watching the videos is pretty sad and scary. I don't look at pictures of myself very much, so looking at video is quite disturbing. Looking at pictures and video means that I can't hide anymore. I can't lie to myself anymore. I honestly don't feel like I'm as big as I am. Seeing it in the video though, makes it so real. I'm putting these up though even though I don't want to look at them. Maybe my discomfort will help someone. Maybe someone my size is out there is doing what I've done......checking out blog posts to see how hard the program is and to see if a big girl can do it. The answer is Yes. A bit girl can do Cize! I'm 265 pounds and did it. I did Body Beast, 21 Day Fix, Les Mills Combat, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Rockin' Body and PiYo. You can too!

Okay off my soapbox and back to the workout. This was the final workout that we did in week 3. It's fast and it's challenging. Most of the moves are all 8 count moves. What I mean by that is that you learn 8 counts at a time and it's nothing repetitive like in Crazy 8s. This workout is also the longest in the program.

It started off with a hand movement that took me forever to grasp. For some reason, the hand stuff is the hardest for me. I can usually get my feet where they need to go, but the arms are just hard! So when he's teaching it, he calls it shoulder shoulder up down. You touch one shoulder and then the next and then you bend one elbow and then straighten it while you bend the other. Then you squat down over to the right and then do this foot kick thing like a heel toe move, but it's fast. Then you step out of that and end up back at center.

Then you do a heel toe thing to the front hat's in a different workout and you do an arm move with it and let me tell you I really thought I had this little part mastered until I watched the video of it. LOL. So then you take a step forward with each foot while you do this other arm movement that we did I think in the last workout. Then you turn to the opposite side from the previous 8 count and you lift your hand up to your face like you'er drinking from a water bottle. He likes to make you realize that you can do these moves because they are things you've done before.

So then you do a Cize Bounce on each side. This is yet another move where I thought I was doing what they were, but I totally look like a goober doing it, but I'm okay with it. So then you take a step back and look at the back wall. Then it gets a little tricky for me. You take a couple of big steps forward as you do some arm movements that I couldn't quite master with the foot movements. You're supposed to look like you're sort of flying. I look like I'm hugging myself. So then you turn to the right and hug yourself and then squat down and then come up and then down again with one arm sliding down your leg then you stand up and jump your feet out wide and squat down again as your hands come to the floor. You're supposed to have your hands slide up your legs and be all sexy, but I can't full off sexy.

Then you do another move that I can't really describe (or do correctly), but you step to the side and hug yourself again and then straighten your arms like you're pushing something away. Then you take your left foot and put it behind your right foot as you arc one hand up over your head and the other in front of you down lower. Then you shift your weight and turn to the side with your arms out in front of you as you sort of pump your hips. It's not pretty when I do it, but looks cool when they do it.

Then you do this series of steps to get your facing forward again in almost a sumo squat and your roll your knees around in another one of his sexy moves that I can't pull off. Then you stomp your left foot down. Then you stand up and bring your left foot over in front of your right as you turn to face the right front corner. You stomp your left foot twice as you pump your arm in the air. Then you slide the left foot back as you sort of lunge back and then you bring it forward.

This part got a little tricky for me. It's not very pretty. So step forward with each foot as you bring your hands up in the air to form like the Y in the YMCA dance. Then you step back and end up in a Y again.

Then you go into what he calls The Rhythm. You cross your hands up over your head and then do a series of steps that involve moving backwards, turning to face the opposite wall and some hand crossing and bending down. I it took me forever to feel like I did it right, but looking at the video, maybe i need more practice.

Then we were supposed to take a couple steps forward as the opposite arm move out to the side and then do a swan dive forward. Swan's are graceful. My dive was not. Then we jump up into another Y. We alternated pumping our hands in the air so it was left, right left. Then we bent in half to one side. Then we were supposed to run up three steps as we punched our hands down. I look like a goofball with this part. Then we jump up and land facing left and squatted own a bit. It wasn't pretty, but I got through this!

My Cize mini round is now over. I'm planning on doing Hammer & Chisel next, but that could change. I'm not sure I'm ready for another hard core program and I'm not sure I'm ready for a 60 day commitment to something right now. I've been so excited about getting it ever since I heard about it and now I'm having second thoughts about doing it right now.

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

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