Friday, December 4, 2015

Cize Mini Round Day 5: Go For It

Day 5: Go For It

Day 5 of my mini round of Cize was Go For It! This was the first workout of week 3 of the program. I had a hard time with this one the first time I did it, but it was certainly easier than doing anything from week 2! I'm not sure why week 2 was so bad for me the first time around, but it was. Week three was rough, but it was more fun. The week three workouts weren't that bad when I redid them in the final week.

This one was all about the 8 count moves and some of them were kind of fast. The overall pace of the workout was slower than the last two though which was nice.

So we started off doing the arm cross and then cross jack feet thing that we've done in several of the other workouts. At the end of the move cross jack thing, we kind of squatted down and faced the right wall. We did a little shoulder mover.

Then we did a knee lift with our left foot and punched down our left knee with our left hand twice. Then we did some hop kind of thing that I don't really remember. I think we were supposed to do the trip, but I can't really do the trip without falling over so I just tap my foot back and kick it forward.

Then we did a cha cha type move to the right and then a heel tap to the front. Then we jumped up and crossed our feet in the air and then landed with our feet wide. My legs don't really cross. They just sort of come together in the middle

When we landed, we did a Cize Bounce on each side. Then we punched both hands up in the air over to the right as we stepped our left foot over to our right foot. Then we put our elbows up to about shoulder level with our hands near our sternum. Then we put the left foot forward and slid it back as we popped the right knee forward and did an arm movement.

Then we put our left hand on our face and did this head bob thing like you're moving to the beat while driving your car. Then we did the Come to Me which we've done before. We planted one foot and then the other foot stepped around as we pivoted on the other foot for 45 degrees. Then we shifted our weight to other foot and did another 45 degrees the other way. We stepped the back leg forward and then back and then two smaller steps forward as we did a move with our elbow.

Then we jumped our feet wide and leaned to one wide with our arms stretched out in front of us as we clapped. We then tilted the other direction and clapped again. Then we jumped our feet together and did an old school move that I don't know the name of, but your cross your hands in front of your legs as you open and close your knees.

Then we took two steps forward. Then we jumped our feet out wide again and then pounded one fist down and then the other fist down. Then we did a move that was supposed to get us to move backwards a couple steps. I can't really explain it, but we jumped our weight onto one leg as the other leg swung around and then behind the plant leg. Then we stepped out with the other leg and punched the opposite hand out. Then we stepped out and punched to the other side. So we were standing with our feet wide and our arms straight out to our sides.

Then we circled our arms in front of us. Then we did the Drive the Car Move. We jumped out wide again with our feet and then squatted down a little bit as we punched our hands out in front of us with our hands at like 12 and 6 and then turned the other way so the opposite hand was on top.

Then we did a knee lift and tapped the foot down on the outside of the opposite foot and then picked it up and put it back where it belonged as we hopped on it twice as we picked up the other knee pretty high. Then we were supposed to clap our hands under that leg. I just sort of clapped my thigh because my legs are way too big to clap under them. We did a side step move that I can't describe while we did a hand movement that I can't describe and we ended with a hip check to the left.

I liked this one better than the previous two workouts, but I'm not very good at it. I need more practice. I'm just not sure how much of that I'll get in the coming months since I've got so many other programs that I want to do and redo. I really want to do another round of PiYo plus I still have Pump, Tai Cheng and Hammer & Chisel. I still haven't done a minie round of Body Beast, 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme. Oh and I have Slim in 6 too. ugh! So much to do!

*edited to add the video since I forgot it this morning. 

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