Sunday, November 22, 2015

Review of 21 Day Fix Extreme Day 20: Dirty 30 Extreme

Day 20: Dirty 30 Extreme

Day 20 of 21 Day Fix Extreme was Dirty 30 Extreme. Last week, I commented that I thought this was my favorite workout of the program because it didn't involve jumping. I'm not sure how I feel about this one now though. Apparently, I forgot about the lunge, row, curl section. I need to work on keeping my abs engaged on that one because my lower back always gets sore doing this move. It also happens during the single leg squats with the upright row. My balance was off for those during this workout too. Last week it went much better.

So the workout didn't have jumping, but it was still pretty challenging this week. My legs were pretty sore still. My outer hip on my right side was so not digging doing those curtsy lunges with the half moons. Oh yeah, why did I say this was my favorite workout? Did I forget about all of the shoulder work in this one? My shoulders were pretty sore going into this workout so it was pretty much torture to do those four minutes of curtsy lunges with half moons and the two minutes of squats with shoulder presses. I was only using two pound weights. I didn't miss any reps with my shoulders, but I'm pretty sure that my legs went a little bit slower because my arms needed the break. Cheating? probably, but I don't care! I'm 265 pounds and doing 21 Day Fix Extreme. The fact that I got through it is a minor miracle. I don't need to do it as fast as they do it.

I had to modify the push ups with the renegade rows too. I did them all on my knees. It's very uncomfortable for me to put that much weight onto my palms on those weights. I can't really remember what else I modified, but I'm sure there was more. I did like this workout more than the jumping ones. I will admit that.

Only one day left of 21 Day Fix Extreme! I didn't think I'd make it through the entire 21 Days, but it seems that I will! Woot Woot!

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots for the workout. I've still got that fast heart rate which I think is showing more calories burned than I'm really burning plus it's showing a low fat burn percentage, but I don't put much stock in those numbers. 

Want to learn more? Watch the video!

If you decide you want to try the program out, be sure to buy it from a coach so you get the free DVD that you can't get through other sources. If you don't have a coach, you can sign up with me. 


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