Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cize Mini Round Day 3: Full Out

Mini Round Day 3: Full Out

Today was Day 3 of my mini round of Cize. That means it was Full Out which is one of the workouts that gave me fits during my first round of Cize. I loved week one, but then we got to week two and I wanted to give up. I couldn't get my hands and feet to move in the right directions and I couldn't remember what moves were coming next. It all felt so complicated. It all changed during the final week of the program though. The last week of the program was one day for each workout which is what I'm doing for my mini round. So in the final week of my first round of Cize, everything seemed to click. The moves that had been hard just weren't hard anymore. I have no explanation for it, but it happened. 

It was nice doing Full Out again today. It was pretty fast and I had to pause it a couple times to catch my breath. I suppose I really didn't have to, but I did it because I was just tired of breathing so dang heavy. Most of the moves in Full Out were 8 count moves, so things are more complicated than they were in You Got This. Most of the moves were new, but we did do a couple repeat moves in this one. They weren't exactly the same though. 

This workout had 8 moves. 

The first move was a multi directional cha cha. We did the cha cha to the left and then the right and then turned our left shoulder to the TV and did it two counts to the TV and then the right shoulder to the TV with two more counts of cha cha. While we did cha cha feet, we crossed our hands in front and then uncrossed them. I'm pretty sure this move made my brain hurt the first time going through this workout, but it's easy now!

Then we jumped out feet wide and did the Cize Bounce four times (twice on each side). The Cize Bounce is where you lean to the right and then your left hand is up by your shoulder and then you push it down towards your hip. Then you lean left and do it with your right hand. After four counts of Cize Bounce, we jumped back with our right foot and then our left while we crossed our arms in front of us and then jumped out wide while our hands came down by our sides. This really hurt my brain during the first round. I still mess up the arm part of this. 

Then we did a knee lift on the left while we hit our knee with our left hand. Then we did the same on the right and then cross our wrists near our right hip. Then we did four steps with our right foot sort of doing a 90 degree turn while keeping our left foot planted. We stretched the right arm out forward and sort of brushed crumbs off the right shoulder with the left hand. I can't really describe that well. We ended up facing the left wall at the end of the move.

Then we jumped up and pivoted 180 degrees so we were facing the right wall and landed on our right leg as we did The Trip with our right leg planted and our left leg doing the kicking. We did four counts of that and then jumped up and faced the TV as we cross jacked our legs twice while our hands just stayed up by our shoulders and went up and down a little bit.

Then we did the Manny which is basically stepping a foot out to the side and then back and then the other foot out and back while your hands go up and down from your hips to your shoulders sort of. The hands go up as the foot taps down. So we did that for an 8 count. This was crazy taxing on my brain the first time around. I couldn't get my hands to anything.

Then we moved on to this thing that he called the Vacuum. So the left foot slip out to the left a little then back in. Then it slid back out wider this time. As the left foot goes out, the right hand goes down. Then we did a knee lift with the left knee as we punched our hands down on either side of our knees and then a right knee lift with the hands punching down on the sides of our right knee. Then we jumped out feet wide and squatted down into a Sumo squat while we punched our hands out in front of us like we were driving a car. We were at 12 and 6 with the left hand on top and then did 12 and 6 with the right hand on top and then back to 12 and 6 with left on top. Then we jumped our feet in and punched our hands down at our sides.This was a big section and it really hurt my head the first time we did it. It's pretty easy now, but it's fast!

Then we did the High Low from Crazy 8s. We did a little cha cha to the left as we put our hands up in the air and then we did the cha cha to the right as we bent down and put our hands down low. Then We took a big step back and to the side and acted like we were shooting a basketball. Then we did a bit step to the right and back and shot the basketball again.

Then we stomped with our left foot towards the TV and did a bit of a hip twisting thing that I can't describe. We did that four 8 counts, but on 6, we crossed our wrists in front of us and then raised them up over our hands and then on 8 we whipped them down and out for a big finale finish.

This workout was fast and there was a bunch of jumping. I had to pause the DVD a couple times to catch my breath. The video was taken at the end of the workout and you can tell that I wanted to die during it. I do feel pretty accomplished though because I was able to get through it today without screwing it up too badly. I'm not a perfect dancer and I don't look at all graceful while doing it, but it doesn't matter. I had fun. Even though I wanted to die, i did have fun. You can't tell by the look on my face, but I really did have fun. I enjoyed this much more than doing 21 Day Fix Extreme.

I didn't bother with the Polar M400 screen shots for this workout. My heart rate was all over the place and I don't think it could possibly be accurate. It was around 50 and then went to 80 and then 130 and then 150 and back to 80 and up to 160 and down to 50 and then it wasn't connected. It was pretty much like that for the entire workout. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

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***Edited to include the number of moves because I forgot to go back and do that.***


  1. I just did this one. It was pretty confusing! I had to pause more than one to practice because the moves were a blur so this wasn't as fun as the others.

    1. This comment slipped through the cracks too. My phone is supposed to notify me! Ugh! I agree about this one being confusing! I did a lot better with it this though. Stick with it and you'll get it. If it's too bad, just go on to the next one and come back to this one. That helped me out a lot.