Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cize Mini Round Day 2: You Got This

Day 2: You Got This

Day 2 of my Cize mini round was You Got This. This was the first Cize workout that I did way back before I bought the program. It was on On Demand as the preview workout. I really enjoyed it, but it was a bit challenging for me, so I picked up Rockin' Body to work my way up to Cize. It worked out pretty well. Once I finished Rockin' Body, I was able to do You Got This a bit better. 

This workout is a bit slower paced than Crazy 8s, but the moves are a little bit more intricate. In Crazy 8s, we mainly just did the same move for 8 counts, but in You Got This, the moves were longer. The workout follows the same basic format though where we learned stuff slowly. For example, the first move has arm movements and footwork, but we learned the arms first. He teaches things in such a way that it's pretty easy to pick up if you just get out of your own head.

I didn't have to pause the DVD as much for this workout as I did with Crazy 8s. 

There were 13 moves in this workout. Some of them were repeating moves like from Crazy 8s and some where moves that took the whole 8 counts. Some of the moves were actually in Crazy 8s.  

We started out swinging our hands like a pendulum and then moving them in a circle as we hopped to the left. We then went the other directions. This was basically a four count move that we did twice.

Then we stepped to the left as we raised the left hand up over our heads and snapped. Then we stepped to the right and raised up the right hand and snapped. Then we did this heel tap thing to the left as we brought our hands down in front of us. This was our first 8 count move.

Then we did a heal tap forward with our left leg and then tapped it back and forward and back as we did an arm movement that I can't really describe. Then we stepped out to the left and tapped our heel down as we snapped our fingers on our left hands. 

Then we did four counts of the Row the Boat from Crazy 8s. So we stepped our left foot across our right and then the right out to the right and then across the left and then the left out to the left. Then we threw our hands in the air and did a bit of a moon walk back.

Then we did The Throw from Crazy 8s. 

Then we stepped our feet our wide and brought our hands up to our face and pulled them down while we did a hip thrust kind of thing. We did that on each side. Then we brought our hands down to our hips and did an arm move while we twisted on the balls of our feet.

Then we sort of walked forward while doing the Cize bounce and then took a step back with our left foot as we clapped and then a bit step back with the right foot as we did a clap.

Then we did the Pull Down. I think it was called the Temptation in Rockin Body. We reached both hands up to the right and then pulled our hands down to the left as we stepped to the left. We did the same going the other direction and then did a few quick steps as we "ran" forward. We ended with a cross jack and a clap. This move drove me a bit crazy in the beginning. I still can't get the feet quite right, but I'm getting better.

Then we did another cross jack and a clap and then did five knee lifts starting with the left knee. We ended the move by pointing at the TV.

Then we looked up at the ceiling and followed that with our hand which is now pointing at the ceiling. We snapped our fingers and then squatted down as we swiped the floor with our hand.Then we jumped up.

Then we did a bit of a knee left as we swiped our shoulder with our opposite hand. We stepped back a little bit and did the same thing on the other side. 

Then we put our hands up near our faces and then did a cha cha to the left and then a cha cha to the right. 

Then we did an exaggerated step as we did a different kind of swipe thing with our hands to our opposite shoulder. Then we stepped wide and sort of twisted as we did an arm move. 

I'm having computer issues so I'm not going to bother doing the Polar M400 screen shots.

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

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