Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cize: The End of Exercise Day 21: Crazy 8s

Day 21: Crazy 8s

Day 21 was supposed to be a rest day, but my whole program has been a bit off since I took some Saturdays off and I think a money or two as well. This was the first day of the final week of the program. I was looking forward to the final week because it meant it was the final week! I struggled with the previous two weeks so I was ready to be done. 

It was so nice to start back at the beginning! After doing such intricate moves for the previous two weeks, it was amazing to do something simple! I remembered a lot of the moves and was able to just go through them without having to pay much attention to the instructions. It was amazing! I really enjoyed this workout! 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I love my Polar M400, but sometimes it makes me laugh. How did I go up 15 feet while never leaving my workout room? I supposed it's possible that the jumping and throwing my arm up in the air could somehow screw with it, but I didn't even think the GPS stuff was supposed to be on for these workouts. Every once in a while this stuff shows up though. This one didn't have a crazy calorie burn, but it was a shorter workout that still burned 420 calories. I think that's pretty dang good! 

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