Monday, September 14, 2015

Review of Cize The End of Exercize Day 18: Livin' in the 8s

Day 18: Livin' in the 8s

Today was Day 18 for my first round of Cize! Keep in mind, it's actually not day 19 since I started the program though. I took two days off on Labor Day weekend and I took a day off this past weekend. It's really messing with my head and I kind of regret doing it because I'm a bit confused about which workout to do since I'm not on track with the calendar. I'm working on being okay with it though. 

For some reason, I just was not into this workout today. I didn't really feel like working out and that's a first for me with Cize. I've been excited to workout just about every day. I put it off this morning and didn't end up with enough time to do 8 Count Abs. I can't say that I'm upset about that though since I'm not a huge fan of 8 Count Abs. It's just hard! 

I got through this workout, but didn't really improve my dancing skills. I didn't do so well during the Cize It Up round at the end. I just kind of flailed around without really remembering which move was next. I got some of them, but others were just horrible. There's one section in this that I just can't get even if I don't try the arm movements. I've tried so hard to figure out what he's doing, but I'll give it another try in a couple days. This one is only in the program twice more. 

I feel like I should keep doing this one until I master it, but I'm ready to be done with this round of Cize. I was so excited to start Cize and I adored the program the first week. Week 2 was incredibly hard for me mentally because I couldn't get my limbs going in the correct direction. Week three started out a bit better than week 2, but it's still frustrating. I got spoiled with Rockin' Body because I was able to pretty much do everything. Maybe the weather is messing with my head, but I just wasn't into it today. I'm looking forward to finishing up the program so I can focus on riding my bike. We got mountain bikes this week! Woot woot! I'll write about that more later

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots of the workout. My heart rate just didn't get up very high for Livin' in the 8s. It also didn't have the big spikes like it did for my last time doing Go For It.  I barely made it into 4 today. Oh well. It felt like my heart was racing while I was doing he dancing parts, but during the learning parts, it felt like it was moving pretty slowly. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

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