Friday, September 4, 2015

Review of Cize Day 11: In the Pocket and 8 Count Abs

Day 11: In the Pocket and 8 Count Abs

Yesterday was Day 11 of the Advanced Calendar of Cize. It was In the Pocket and 8 Count Abs. In the Pocket didn't go so well for me on Tuesday. I ended up just focusing on my feet and not worrying about the hand movements. It was still pretty much a train wreck, but it went better the second time around. I still had to mainly focus on the feet instead of using the hands and I still got really confused at times, but it was still way better than my first time around. 

On Wednesday in my post about Cize Full Out, I commented about my inner thighs being sore and not really understanding why. I figured out why! During In the Pocket, there is a section where you step your left leg out to the left as your left hand goes left, you step out with your right leg as your right hand goes right, you cross your arms in front of you as your feet stay still, you uncross them and lower your hands and then you squat down. When I'm doing squats to do squats, I typically don't go all that far down, but when squats are disguised as dancing, I go pretty deep. When we got to that move yesterday, I felt it in my inner thighs and I said to myself, "Oh. That's why my legs are sore right now!?" It was nice having a reason behind the soreness! 

There workout turned out to be a couple minutes longer than the last time that I did it because I rewound it for a little bit so I could repeat one of the instructional sections. I'm determined to get this one nailed, but I don't know that it's going to happen on Saturday. I might have to do this again after I'm done with the four weeks to see if I can nail it. At this point, I just want to get through the program and see where I'm at when it's over. I love this program, but I have other things that I want to try out as well. 

8 Count Abs is getting better. I still have to modify though and they don't have a modifier on the screen. I keep my knees bent when they have their's straight during the seated kicking thing and the canoe. I let my heels touch the floor during the in and out section. I don't go nearly as fast as they do during anything. I go down on my knees during the plank in and out section when we go down on our elbows and go back up. I seriously think that this is the hardest short ab workout I've ever done. Sometimes, I wish it wasn't on the calendar three times a week, but it's there, so I have to do it. I can't be skimping on ab workouts anymore! 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

I got a higher calorie burn this time over the previous time doing In the Pocket. It looks like I only had the heart rate monitor disconnect once during the ab workout. Both of those are improvements. Woot Woot! Maybe once I get a little more comfortable with In the Pocket, I can get a better calorie burn. I never made it into the four range. That's disappointing. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

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