Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rockin' Body Day 19: Rock It Out & Hard-Core Abs

Day 19: Rock It Out & Hard-Core Abs

Day 19 on the Advanced Calendar of Rockin' Body was supposed to be Shaun T's Dance Party, but yesterday I ran out of time for Rock It Out, so I added a cardio workout yesterday and moved Rock It Out to today. Hard Core Abs was supposed to be on Saturday, but I read the calendar wrong and did it on Friday with Rock It Out. 

This week has been rough! We did a killer hike on Sunday, then I had Rock It Out and Booty Time early in the week, now I get Rock It Out again and Booty Time on Saturday, plus another hike on Sunday. We're planning a shorter hike with less elevation, so we'll see how it goes.

I used my two pound weighted balls for this workout, I was sweating like crazy and the balls kept getting slippery. I dropped them several times. This workout was hard to get through. My body was sore. I was ready for a rest day. I pushed through though. I've been listening to Shaun T's podcasts and it seems to be sinking in. I'm digging deeper and pushing harder. One of the things he said was to go for range of motion over speed so I really worked on going lower on the squats even if I couldn't keep up with the people in the workout. I'm pretty sure it paid off because I was pretty sore in the booty the next day. There's nothing too terribly complicated in this workout. There's not much dancing. It's more of a strength training workout. There are a lot of squats and lunges. There are also a lot of arm movements with the weights. Oh and let's not forget the push ups. I got through Body Beast, but there are times that I think this is harder to get through. Body Beast made me more sore the next day for most of the workouts, but this one hits my shoulders, triceps and glutes pretty good too. There are just so many reps. Even with low weights, it's still a challenge.

I was pretty worn out by the time I got to Hard Core Abs. I have to admit too that I didn't give it all I had. My shoulders were so sore and I just couldn't convince myself to do all of the arm movements in that first section. I took several breaks with the arms, but I kept my legs going. I really wish that I hadn't messed up reading the calendar because doing this on Saturday after Booty Time would have been better.

I finally got my DVDs in the mail! The weighted wrist bands were missing though. I did a live chat with the people at Beachbody and they're going to send them out.

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Check out that calorie burn for Rock It Out? It was a record for me. It beat out my previous Rock It Out workout by about 5 calories. :) 

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