Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review of Cize The End of Exercize Day 2: You Got This and 8 Count Abs

Day 2: You Got This 

Today was Day 2 of Cize The End of Exercize. There were two workouts for the day on the calendar. You Got This is the workout that was on the On Demand Sneak Peak section. It's what got me interested in doing more dancing workouts! You can read about my first experience with Cize The End of Exercize. I was really looking forward to doing this one again to see if I improved any on my second try even though it's been a few weeks since I did it the first time. 

I, once again, didn't really leave myself enough time to do both of these workouts. You Got This is about 45 minutes long plus there is the 3 minute cool down and I had to do 8 Count Abs! I almost skipped the ab workout, but I had to do it. I still feel guilty about not doing all of the ab workouts during Body Beast

This workout goes a bit slower than Crazy 8s. He spent more time with instruction in this one, but that doesn't mean there was time to rest in this one! I felt pretty comfortable with the first three or four moves so I was putting more groove into them. I jumped a bit higher during the parts where we jumped and I swayed my hips a bit more during other sections. Once I got into the sections where I felt a bit lost, I didn't put quite so much groove into it, but I still kept my heart rate up pretty good. 

I can't remember how many different moves this one had, but when we were doing the dance, we only did each move once, which made it a little more challenging for me. In Crazy 8s, we did each move 8 times which gave me a chance to catch up if I was falling behind on the moves. This one moves slower so it's easier to stay caught up, but I couldn't always remember what I was doing next even though it was on the screen, so I had a few pauses and then I ended up missing that step. I've got this one twice more before this round of Cize is done, so we'll see how it goes on Saturday. 

The Cize it up section in this one seems a bit shorter than Crazy 8s. I think we only went through the whole routine three or four times in the Cize It Up section. He didn't talk that much during this section so I had to try to watch the screen to be reminded of the name of the next move. It made it harder for me to really groove it out, but I got through it. 

After the workout, you get the opportunity to go through the Cize It Up section again or you can play the Cool Down or 8 Count Abs. I did the cool down and then I did 8 Count Abs.

Day 2: 8 Count Abs

This workout was just over 8 minutes and it was a very challenging 8 minutes for me! The whole thing is done on the floor. It seems like poetic justice really since I complained about how hard the Rockin' Body Hard-Core Abs was. I think I said that I would rather be on the floor! That was before I did 8 Count Abs! This thing is fast! I don't remember all of the moves, but there were several of them. None of them lasted very long, but we moved fairly quickly to a new move with little instruction. This workout is on the calendar every two days for the entire program though so I can see why there wouldn't be much instruction. The instruction might be nice the first few times, but during week 4, it might be annoying. After going through all of the moves once, the music gets louder and the people seem to be getting into it while they go through round two of all the same exercises. There were variations of crunches and planks. There were several moves that I had never done before which was nice. I barely made it through this workout though. He didn't have a modifier in this one, but I modified on my own. 

Polar M400 Screen Shots

Check out that calorie burn on You Got This! It was a new record for me. Woot Woot! I can't wait to see what I get to when I actually kno what I'm doing! I didn't get my heart up into the 5 range though, but I spent a lot of time in the 4 range. I was hardly in the 1 or 2 ranges at all. It seems like the heart rate monitor didn't sit so well on me while I was doing 8 Count Abs though. Oh well.

Want to Learn More? Watch the Video! 

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