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Beachbody Body Beast Bonus Workout P90X3 CVX


When I did the full program, I was using my friends DVDs. Apparently she got her DVDs awhile back and they have been redone with a better combination of workouts on each DVD to make it so you have to switch DVDs less often. This switch up also includes a different free workout. The set that I used had P90X Plyometrics, but when I bought the DVDs for myself, the bonus workout was P90X3 CVX. I've heard that P90X3 is crazy hard, but I'm a sucker for punishment and I can't do a review of a program and not do all of the workouts in the program. Call me anal retentive if you like. I'm okay with that. 

I did this workout between run days of C25K I was a bit concerned about doing that because I wasn't really sure how intense this was going to be on my legs, but I survived and managed to do a run the following day. This is a 30 minute workout, but it didn't include a warm up and the cool down was an extra three minutes tacked on to the end. I was surprised by that and didn't really leave myself enough time for thecool down, but I did it anyway. I apparently don't really care about showing up to my day job on time. I'm such a bad girl. 

This workout wastes no time getting into the intense stuff! It's a cardio workout, but it incorporates weights. He says not to use anything heavier than 12 pounds and go to as light as you want to. He says you can even use a helium balloon or nothing at all. One of the people in the workout uses a basketball. All of the people were in the test group for P90X3. They all lost a bunch of weight. 

The first move in this is doing jacks with your legs and then raising a weight up over your head. The moves all last a minute except some of them are 30 seconds per side for a total of a minute. This workout was crazy hard for me. I had to modify some stuff. I did the jacks with my legs as long as I could. I think I lasted about 30 seconds. I then alternated stepping a leg out to the side and then back in while doing the lifting part with my arms. I might have been able to handle the jacks for the full minute if I had been warmed up, but it was right there at the beginning. I don't own this program, so I'm not sure if they tell you that you should warm up before you do the workout. I'm in no way complaining that the bonus workout didn't have a warm up. I'm merely stating that it didn't have one and I couldn't get through the first move. I modified a few other things too. I can't remember all of them though. 

Each round had three exercises. We did each of the three at a constant pace and then went back and did them with a varied pace. He would say to do things faster for 10 or 15 seconds and then we'd go back to slower. Each of the people in the workout did their own intensity. There was one person who kept things pretty low key and then the other two were different versions of crazy intense. They didn't wear heart rate monitors in this one like they did in the P90X Plyometrics workout that I did. After we repeated the three exercises, we had a 15 to 20 second break before moving on to the next round.

There wasn't much instruction on this workout. I suppose that's good for people who have done it a few times, but it made it a bit challenging for me as a first time user of the DVD. I lost a few seconds of each move while I was trying to figure out what we were doing. I'm okay with that though. It gave me much needed rest. None of the moves in the workout were too crazy though. I picked them up quickly. Some of them were just too much for me to do for a full 60 seconds so I modified them a little bit. I didn't do the plyo lunges. I just did regular rear lunges and didn't jump. That was the only one that I modified from the start I think. I was a little sore the next day, but it wasn't enough to keep me from running. 

Polar M400 Screen Shot

I'm not really sure what happened at the beginning with that one blip going up over 180, but the rest of this seems pretty accurate. 

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