Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 83: Beast Cardio & Beast Abs

Day 83: Beast Cardio & Beast Abs

Day 83 of the Lean Program was Beast Cardio and Beast Abs. I actually did the ab workout today. I didn't want my last workout for this round to be Beast Cardio. I haven't been a fan of this workout from the start. It's gotten less annoying, but I still didn't want it to be my last memory of Body Beast. I had this vague memory of not being all that impressed with the ab workout so I thought it would be a nice easy 10 minutes to finish my round of Body Beast. I was wrong. The ab workout is pretty much torturous. My abs were killing me during the entire 10 minutes! The cardio workout, however, wasn't as annoying. The toe tap thing was a bit annoying because it was a bit humid and warm this morning and the in and outs kind of sucked, but I survived all of that. I did the Plank to Push Ups on my knees though. I started out on my toes, but I just couldn't do it. 

Since Day 84 is a Rest Day, I'm officially done with this round of Body Beast! It wasn't always pretty and it didn't go completely as the calendar laid it out, but I got through it! I skipped almost all of the ab workouts and I took a lot of extra rest days, but I got through it! I'll write something about each of the workouts at some point. 

Tomorrow is Week 2 Day 1 of C25K and then on Tuesday, I'm taking a rest day! A real rest day. No workouts of any kind! I still have to go to work, but my body is ready for a day off! Wednesday will be more C25K and then Thursday will be an attempt to do the P90X workout that comes free with Body Beast. I say attempt because the free workout is Plyometrics. I hate plyometrics! The cardio workout for Body Beast has some plyo in it. I don't do the plyo lunges, but I do the jump squats and the plyo push ups (on my knees, but I do make them plyo). We'll see how things go.

BodyMedia Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots. I'm surprised that it shows any activity for the ab workout. Weird. 

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