Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 78: Bulk Chest

Day 78: Bulk Chest 

Body Beast Day 78 for the Lean Program was Bulk Chest. I like this workout. I got through it okay. It's normally a Monday workout, but it happened on Tuesday. This was the first day of the last week of Body Beast. I felt it in my triceps and chest the next day. My chest was a little bit sore as well, but not too terribly bad. I had some improvement in the push ups. I'm still on my thighs on the bench, but I felt better doing them and wasn't as slow. I don't have a BodyMedia screen shot for this workout because I couldn't get the Bluetooth connection going. It was pretty annoying, but I needed to get my butt in gear so I couldn't fiddle with it too much.

The Worksheet

Here's the worksheet for the workout.

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