Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beachbody Body Beast Day 77: Beast Total Body

Day 77: Beast Total Body 

I am now officially done with 11 weeks of Body Beast! Day 77 of the Lean Program of Body Beast was Beast Total Body. It was only the second time for this workout. It's also the last time for this workout for this round of Body Beast. The first time I did this workout, I had to pause in several spots, but I didn't have to pause at all for this one! I was pretty dang happy about that! I upped some of the weights for this one and went down in the tricep kickbacks accidentally. The workout felt good. I was supposed to do this workout yesterday because I wanted today to be a rest day, but I ended up doing C25K yesterday and ran out of time for Body Beast. So today was Body Beast and a hike to Henline Falls! The workout went well. The shoulder presses were a bit rough with the 10 pound weights! The rest of it wasn't too terribly challenging. I did the push ups on my knees. I also did plank things on my knee. One more week of Body Breast left!!!

The Worksheet

Here's the worksheet. 

Body Media Screen Shot

Here's the BodyMedia screen shot. I'm kind of bummed about only getting 10 minutes of total activity on this one, but I shouldn't be upset since I get low numbers for all of these Body Beast workouts. Oh well. 

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