Sunday, April 26, 2015

Review of Variety 8 Pack Box 2

What it is and why I get it is a mail order snack subscription service. They mail you yummy snacks weekly or every other week. You can get different types of boxes. They have a four pack, an 8 pack and a sharing box that has five bags with multiple servings. The 4 pack has different options like low calorie, sweet, savory and variety. The 8 pack is just the variety pack. You can rate stuff so you increase your odds of getting it, but you can't pick your snacks. You can trash stuff so you'll never get it again. I really wish there was  a way to trash a specific ingredient though. For example, I can't deal with coconut, but I can't trash coconut so I have to continually check for new snacks that include coconut. It's annoying. If I ever get coconut, I'll give the snack to hubby. If you need a referral code, use JAIMIE49P.  I forgot to take pictures of this box so I'm pulling file footage from the blog of previous boxes.

Honeycomb Flapjack

It's a rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and chocolate drizzle. Super yummy. I love love love flapjacks! 

Cinnamon Pretzel

This has poppyseed pretzels and cinnamon honey almonds. I really like the pretzels even though they aren't salty. I'm such a sucker for a pretzel! The almonds are pretty good too. I'm not a fan of plain almonds, but you toss some honey and cinnamon on there and ooh la la! 

Apple Cosmo

This has apple, lime raisins and cranberries. This is another one of those snacks that I didn't like in the beginning, but I really like it now. I'm a fan of dried apples now! The raisins and cranberries were super awesome too. 

Cherry Fudge Sundae

This has chocolate fudge, cherries, cherry raisins and almonds. This would have been a lot better without the almonds. I'm not sure that I really get why it had almonds in it, but I don't put nuts in my sundaes so I'm just weird. The fudge, cherries and cherry raisins were worth getting through some almonds though. 

Triple Berry Smoothie

This has mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and banana coins. I didn't like the bananas in the beginning, but they grew on me. I love love love the mini strawberries.

Cherries & Berries

This is cherries, lingonberries, cranberries and jumbo raisins. It was nice to get this snack again. It was in the Sharing Box which I thought would be awesome, but they were a bit dry and waxy in the big box. I love love love the cherries and berries in the portion controlled boxes! Woot Woot!

Super Berries

This is blueberries, cranberries, goji berries, and green raisins. I love dried fruit, but this one is just okay for me. The goji berries are dry and a bit bland, but the rest of them are really yummy. The picture shows the old name since I'm pulling file photos from previous boxes since I forgot to take pictures of this box.

Garden of England

This has mini strawberries, soft apple pieces and black currants. Now that I like dried apples, I can get into this snack. I love the mini strawberries! They are super awesome. I would love a box of just those strawberries! 

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