Saturday, February 7, 2015

Beachbody PiYo Mini Round Day 9: Hardcore on the Floor

Day 9: Hardcore on the Floor

This was the last day of my PiYo mini round. I did all 9 days in a row without a rest day. I was so ready for a rest day when this was over. My body was just tired and weak. It wasn't really all that sore by the end, but I was ready to sleep in for an hour and not workout for a day. I could have easily taken two rest days, but I was afraid that I would lose momentum so I just took the one. I had only done this workout once before. It was part of the calendar, but I only did Core while doing my full round. I left Hard Core on the Floor until the end just like I had done with the free workout from Les Mills Combat and the free workout from 21 Day Fix. In order to get the free workout, you need to buy the program through a coach. If you don't have a coach, you can use my Beachbody coach link

The name of this workout is pretty accurate! It is pretty hardcore and it's all on the floor. A lot of the stuff in it is also in other workouts, but it's like this one has all of the hard stuff crammed into one workout. I had to modify a lot of it like the elbow plank while stretching an arm out straight. My plank is getting better, but that's just madness still for me. There were a bunch of push ups which were pretty hard too. My triceps were just toast. The no rest day probably wasn't a good plan. Oopsy. I did horribly during the Beast Kick Through section. I just sorta flopped around from one hip to the other. It wasn't pretty. I did do pretty well through the punter section. I was pretty happy with that. Usually, I bail before we're done because my butt is so sore!

The Split Down Dog stuff in this one was killer! I think there were actually two different sections of it. It was so hard on my shoulders, but I got through it for the most part. I did all the moving parts, but when she had us hold the split at the end, I kinda crashed into Child's Pose. It was just too much for me to take anymore. I did better with the second side which is unusual for me. My second side is usually the weaker side, but I think I crashed the first time due to mental fatigue instead of physical fatigue. The no rest day was definitely a bad idea.

If you want to read a play by play of the work, check out my post from Day 56 of PiYo Part 2.

BodyMedia Screen Shot

Here's the screen shot! Not very impressive, but we were on the floor. It was tough stuff, but it wasn't stuff where I was doing a lot of moving around. 

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